Clemson Involvement Ambassadors

The Clemson Involvement Ambassadors are student leaders who are trained to assist their peers in discovering co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. Whether student hope to become more involved at Clemson by joining an organization, volunteering in the community or participating in leadership experiences, students at Clemson University can access a vast array of opportunities.

During 30-minute consultation appointments, the Clemson Involvement Ambassadors help students explore their values and passions to connect to opportunities that fit their interests. They also assist student organizations to provide them resources about leadership, organization management and organization sustainability.

To meet with a Clemson Involvement Ambassador, students may request an appointment through the Consultation Request form on TigerQuest. What would you like to discuss with the Clemson Involvement Ambassador? The three types of consultations include:


Involvement Organization Development New Organizations
  • Discover new opportunities that fit your interests and needs
  • Connect you to student organizations, campus partners and other department/office representatives
  • Brainstorm about how best to achieve your goals for your student organization
  • Assist with member engagement and retention, using resources on campus, transitions and organization sustainability
  • Guide new organizations through the registration process
  • Create personalized plans for student organizations to build sustainability and achieve your goals

Involvement Events

Clemson Involvement Ambassadors present involvement workshops to students to provide an overview of involvement opportunities available to them at Clemson University and in the surrounding community. The Clemson Involvement Ambassadors will discuss methods of involvement available to students, using TigerQuest for your unique needs and demonstrating how to access student organization pages to get connected.

Below are a few of the populations that hosted an involvement workshop with their programs and organizations:

  • Transfer Council
  • CONNECTIONS Peer Mentors
  • Bridge Students
  • Academic Success Center

Want to request an involvement workshop for your organization? Students organizations, faculty and staff may request a workshop by emailing