How to Find Involvement Opportunities

Explore TigerQuest

TigerQuest is your online gateway to involvement with student organizations at Clemson University. Once you log into TigerQuest, you can browse over 500 student organizations to find ones with interests and values you’d like to explore. You may access TigerQuest if you are a Clemson University student, faculty, staff or alumni with a valid CUID. Visit

Log in to Your Account

  • Go to
  • Login using your CUID and password.
  • Update your user profile.
  • Enter your information. You can upload a picture of yourself and your privacy settings.
  • Click “Organizations” at the top of the TigerQuest Page.
  • Search through the over 500 registered student organizations.

Join Student Organizations

You may request to join a student organization from their page on TigerQuest. We also suggest showing interest by messaging their leadership and requesting to attend a meeting. Some organizations may recruit new members only at the beginning of the year, but many are happy to welcome new members any time during the year!

Attend Events

TigerQuest also has a list of events open to students and organizations on the front homepage. Which events can you visit to learn more about organizations that interest you? Organizations may also include their events on the TigerQuest homepage to gather greater attendance or publicize their organization to the wider student community.

Track Your Involvement

TigerQuest’s Co-Curricular Transcript can help you track your involvement at Clemson. You can use your Co-Curricular Transcript to update your resume and build your Clemson legacy. Organizations can allow events to show on attendee’s Co-Curricular transcript, which can include service events, trainings and much more.

Visit Tiger Prowl

Tiger Prowl is an annual involvement fair open to all Clemson University students. Tiger Prowl helps students explore new ways to get involved with the over 500 registered undergraduate and graduate student organizations. Organizations range from athletics and sports, sororities and fraternities, service organizations, academic organizations and much more! Make plans to experience the wonder of Tiger Prowl to find a student organization or volunteering opportunity in the community, or by tabling with your student organization!

Visit Tiger Connect

Tiger Connect is a small-scale involvement fair that seeks to connect people to people. In 15-minute conversations, students will meet with three department/office representatives to discuss their interests, values, and potential areas of concern to find involvement opportunities to increase their sense of belonging at Clemson. If you are a first-year, transfer, Bridge, international, first-generation or historically underrepresented student at Clemson, Tiger Connect will directly match you with people that can help you in your transition to Clemson.

If you are not part of these populations and would like to be connected, or if you found this page after the event, email us at We will be happy to connect you with involvement opportunities that reflect your values and interests.

Tiger Connect Fall 2019

Date: Tuesday, September 10

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Location: Hendrix Ballrooms