Organization Resources

Registered Student Organizations

Clemson students can access resources for starting, registering, developing and sustaining their student organizations through Student Involvement and Leadership. These guides were created to help student organizations create and reach their goals.

What lessons have you learned from working with your student organization? Share them with us through the Clemson Compass form here! Your Compass submissions will help us in Student Involvement and Leadership update the guides we offer with best practices. We know that the 500+ registered student organizations are making great things happen at Clemson, and we are so excited to work with you.

  • Registered organizations may reserve spaces with free and reduced rates through Campus Activities & Events. Please review their facility use policy and their request forms for more information.
  • Unregistered student organizations may also reserve some rooms with restrictions. Please review this guide for more information.

Student Funding Board

The Student Funding Board (SFB) is a Delegated Student Organization with authority granted from Clemson University and the Vice President of Student Affairs to allocate student activities fees to Delegated Student Organizations (DSOs), Independent Councils (ICs), Independent Student Organizations (ISOs) and Clemson Undergraduate Student Government. SFB is student-governed and provides a direct service to Clemson University. Procedures for distribution of SFB allocations are the responsibility of Student Affairs Business Operations. SFB is a policy group that strives to fund organizations in a fair and equitable manner. The views and opinions of organizations funded through SFB do not reflect the official position of SFB or Clemson University. All SFB meetings are open to the public. For more information on the SFB and the funding process, please review the Student Funding Board Constitution and Funding Design linked below.

Members of the Board

Bilal Karanfil*

Mary Katherine Kellam

Olivia Loynes

Elizabeth Nealon

Michael Paterakis

Sara Sargent

Roann Abdeladl

Hunter Bond**

Chad Bureau

John Daniel

George Davis

Anjel Iriaghomo

*Chair appointed by CUSG

**Vice Chair appointed by CUSG

For more information on the Student Funding Board, please contact Bilal Karanfil, SFB Chair, at

Types of Funding

Annual Funding

Program of funding that allows eligible student groups to submit a grant request for programs that will occur the following academic year. The Annual Grant Funding Request occurs concurrently with the Student Organization Registration process during the Spring semester in TigerQuest. Requests submitted after the announced deadline will not be considered for Annual Grant Funding for the following fiscal year. Due to limited financial resources, Annual Grant Funding Requests may not be covered in full and some costs and/or projects may be directed to submit Contingency Grant Funding Requests. These funds then become available for spending on July 1 annually.

Annual Funding hearings for Fiscal Year 2021 will take place from February 23, 2020 – February 28, 2020. Student organizations can schedule their hearings Students will receive notices on their allocations in March. There will not be additional hearings scheduled.

Contingency Funding

Contingency Grant Funding – Program of funding that allows eligible student groups to supplement their Annual Grant Funding. Contingency Grant Funding is designed to address unforeseen needs relating to existing or new programs arising during the fiscal year. In order to submit a Contingency Grant Funding request, your form must be submitted 45 days in advance of spending. Requests submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Budgeted Organizations may request funds from the Annual Funding Request allocated towards Contingency Funding. However, Budgeted Organizations do not qualify for rollover funds from the annual funding process. Once Contingency Funds have been exhausted, Budgeted Organizations cannot submit additional requests for Contingency Funding.


Independent Student Organizations and Independent Councils must be registered as vendors through BuyWays to receive their allocated funds. The BuyWays registration process may take a few weeks to be approved. The Student Funding Board highly recommends that all student organizations register through BuyWays once they request funding and before they receive any allocations. Failure to complete the BuyWays registration process will delay access to any approved funding from the Student Funding Board. The BuyWays registration process can be found using the link in the Funding Guides and Resources section.

Funding Guides and Resources

Below you’ll find a list of our guides and resources to request and access student activity fee funds. Click HERE to access the documents.

  • Budget Request Guide
  • Purchase Request Guide
  • Student Funding Board Constitution and Funding Design
  • BuyWays Registration Guide

Student Engagement at Clemson

Across Clemson’s campus, students find unique ways to get connected through a range of involvement opportunities. As students explore community and develop important support networks and leadership skills, they leave a lasting impact here at Clemson University. Student Involvement and Leadership wants to celebrate the personal and professional growth of Clemson students through the great things they do on and around campus!

Student Recognition Initiatives

  • Student Leader of the Month recognizes students who exemplify leadership through personal development and community engagement. We invite all Clemson community members (faculty, staff & students) to nominate students going above and beyond to positively impact Clemson University through their involvement on campus.
  • Click here to nominate a student!

  • To recognize and collaborate with student organizations on campus, we feature one organization every week on our social media. This is a great way to promote your organization to the campus community! Click here to be featured on @cuinvolved social media.
  • Have an event coming up that you would like to promote? Tag us in your Twitter and Instagram posts @cuinvolved, and we’ll retweet and repost in our story!

  • Paw Praise is a social media campaign that celebrates the everyday moments of student engagement on campus! Want to give a shoutout to an organization you’re working with? Do you know a student doing great work on campus? Tag them on one of our Paw Praise social media posts or with the hashtag #PawPraise to give them some daily encouragement!