Orientation Ambassadors

Orientation Ambassadors are students who are well-respected, academically successful leaders on campus. These students are chosen based upon their current and potential academic, interpersonal and leadership qualities. The team is selected each fall and participates in the subsequent summer orientation sessions.

Orientation is the process of assisting new students through the transition necessary for a successful college experience. Clemson University Orientation Ambassadors facilitate this process by providing new students, parents and guests with an introduction to campus and its resources. Clemson University's retention rate is a driving factor for our services, and it all begins before students even start their classes. Click on the What to Expect tab at the top to learn more.

Application Timeline (dates with * are tentative):

  • Application Live - October 19
  • OA Interest Session - October 26-30
  • Application Closes - November 8
  • Ambassador Interviews: November 9-18
  • Selections Made - November 20
  • First Gathering - TBD

This team will always have a part of my heart.

Maria Colon (Maria's Meatballs)

Becoming an OA allowed me to give back to incoming freshman and transfer students at the school of my dreams.

Eric Coleman (Eric's Entourage)

You get to experience everyone around you becoming the future of the University.

Olivia Loynes (Olivia's Operators)

I was able to grow as a person to become the best version of myself.

Becka Noyes (Becka's Beats)

Trust me, it definitely does change your life.

Jessica Den Haese (Jess's Jolly Ranchers)

Grateful is an understatement.

Sarah Wilde (Wilde Things)