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Department of Business Operations | Division of Student Affairs | Clemson University

Philosophy of Assessment and Evaluation

The Division of Student Affairs entrusts every member of its staff to identify appropriate and innovative ways to leverage evidence to eliminate redundancies, minimize cost and risk, and maximize effectiveness in learning and operations. The division’s variety of departments, roles, responsibilities, and people is a strength and allows the division to positively impact students, faculty, staff, institution, community, and world.

Upcraft and Schuh (1996) defined assessment as “any effort to gather, analyze, and interpret evidence which describes institutional, departmental, divisional, or agency effectiveness. (p. 18). In 2016, Schuh et al. added assessment can include programs and initiatives. Evaluation takes assessment a step further by determining quality and worth and if intended outcomes align with actual outcomes (Suskie, 2009). Through assessment and evaluation, the Division of Student Affairs supports one of the Key Enablers in ClemsonForward:

  • Accountability and leadership: Prudently manage resources, focus on impact rather than activity, clearly identify ownership of key initiatives and provide transparency through regular reporting to University leaders, Board of Trustees and the campus community.

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