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General Education

Do I have to complete the General Education Requirements?

General Education Requirements must be completed in order to graduate. Without completing them you will not be able to obtain a degree from Clemson University.

How do I fulfill General Education Requirements?

Each student must complete at least 31 hours of General Education Coursework. These 31 hours should be satisfied by completing courses in the following:

i.  Communication (6 credits)
ii.  Mathematical, Scientific, and Technology Literacy (10 credits)
iii.  Arts and Humanities (6 credits)
iv. Social Science (6 credits)
v. Cross Cultural Awareness (3 credits)

Under each category listed above there is a list of courses to take in order to satisfy General Education Requirements. For this list and more information about General Education, visit the Registrar’s webpage and search by the most current catalog year. Click on “General Education” to open the catalog.

General Education Requirements Have Changed

Revised General Education Requirements for currently enrolled students effective immediately for graduation December 2013 and beyond. Students in the following majors should consult with their advisors:

  • Communication Studies
  • Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
  • Visual Arts
  • Architecture
  • Psychology (BA only)