University Testing and Education Center

Clemson's University Testing and Education Center

The University Testing and Education Center (UTEC) supports and promotes the educational mission of the University by providing facility resources for academic groups and centralized proctored testing services for students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. Our staff understands how stressful testing can be. We strive to be welcoming and flexible while adhering to the National Collegiate Testing Association (NCTA) Professional Standards and Guidelines in order to maintain the academic integrity of Clemson University.

Current UTEC Testing Services

  • Group Proctored Exams - National, Standardized and Certification Exams are proctored in a group setting. Seating capacity may be limited. Please contact the Testing Center at for more information.

  • Distance Learning Proctored Exams - Students in distance learning courses have the option to take their proctored exam in the UTEC for a small fee. Please contact the Testing Center at for assistance.

  • Accommodated Exams - Proctored testing is available for Clemson Students who require accommodations that cannot be provided in the classroom. Student Accessibility Services Guidelines.

  • Professional Testing Services:

Academic Integrity
As members of the Clemson University community, we have inherited Thomas Green Clemson's vision of this institution as a “high seminary of learning.” Fundamental to this vision is a mutual commitment to truthfulness, honor and responsibility, without which we cannot earn the trust and respect of others. Furthermore, we recognize that academic dishonesty detracts from the value of a Clemson degree. Therefore, we shall not tolerate lying, cheating or stealing in any form.

Confidentiality Statement

UTEC recognizes and subscribes to the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. Information communicated to other university personnel about examinees is restricted to a “need to know” basis.