Global Learning, Partnerships and Initiatives



Fulbright-Hays Group Project Grant with the CU Honors College:

The U.S. Department of Education awarded a Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad Grant to two educators at Clemson University to further build global service-learning and engagement opportunities in India for students and faculty.

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The Office of Global Engagement's new tool for International Virtual Exchange allows faculty to connect with international colleagues around the world to collaborate on instruction and develop joint projects. 

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Global Partnerships:

OGE provides strategic administrative support in establishing and maintaining international partnerships and exchange agreements, as well as other international collaborations that fulfill the strategic educational, research, economic, and public service goals of Clemson University.

  • Existing Partnerships

    Global Partnerships and Initiatives maintains a University's International Agreements Database and manages the process of administrative review of these agreements.

    Our current international agreements largely fall into the following three types of agreements:

    Memoranda of Understanding: indicates a general interest in collaboration within often still undetermined areas of activity. Such MOUs usually precede a more detailed exchange or activity agreement.

    Student Exchange Agreements in which two or more institutions agree to a reciprocal exchange of students in three different modalities: short term, semester-long and year-long study.

    Activity Agreements that articulate the details of specific areas and activities of collaboration among the parties. These include articulation agreements that allow students to complete a program of study at Clemson that they began elsewhere; agreements to host visiting scholars and/or interns; faculty exchanges; agreements to offer training/degree programs abroad; and, many other possibilities.

  • Initiate a New Partnership

    When considering or developing a new global partnership or initiative, the Office of Global Engagement will assist you to develop a plan for establishing the partnership and to work through the process of internal review and approvals.

    This guide explains the regular process to initiate a new partnership but we highly recommend for Faculty and Staff interested in starting a new partnership to contact our office first, we are here to help! 

    Additional Languages:

    OGE has bilingual MOU templates in Spanish, French and German available upon request. 


    Global Partnerships and Initiatives 

  • Manage Existing Partnership

    The management of global initiatives and partnerships requires attention and details distinct from those required of domestic initiatives. The Office of Global Engagement is here to help you design and manage your plan for partnership development.

Global Initiatives:

Capitalizing on the expertise and relationships of CU Faculty and Staff, OGE helps to design and carry out strategic initiatives that promote the aims of Clemson Forward priorities of the University.

These initiatives are geographic and thematic in nature and are design to strengthen relationships between institutions in different nations, and go advance the timely development of key aspects of Global Engagement.

  • Mexico Initiative

    The Steering Committee for the Clemson University – Mexico Initiative proposes to augment activities between Clemson University and Mexican institutions in order to enhance international research, student and community engagement, expand our academic core with education and industry collaborations within the NAFTA (USMCA) trade ecosystem, and enhance the living experience of students and staff by fostering an inclusive culture. 

    The goals of this initiative are to achieve high impact academic global engagement opportunities for Clemson students as supported by the Clemson Forward strategic plan and to promote workforce development, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, and academic and commercial networks with counterparts in Mexico.   

    We will partner with global corporations that operate in South Carolina and Mexico to establish stronger academic and entrepreneurial ties and to support workforce development. Moreover, the Clemson University – Mexico Initiative will serve as a hub for many other cultural and economic activities.

    • Medical shadowing for pre-Health students in the state of Guanajuato.
    • Institutional and industry partnerships in the state of Guanajuato.
    • Student mobility programs in the state of Guanajuato for the colleges of Engineering, Science, and Humanities.
    • Exploration of virtual programming with institutions in Mexico.


  • Canada Initiative

    The CU Canada Initiative seeks to strengthen the relationship between Clemson University and Canada. The initiative focuses on the development of student programming, collaborative research and cultural events. 

    • Official visit of the Consul General of Canada for the south east. 
    • University exchanges


  • International Virtual Exchange
    To ensure Clemson graduates are prepared to thrive in an interconnected, global environment, the Office of Global Engagement is developing a number of Virtual+ programs with emphasis on International Virtual Exchange. The rapid technological changes of recent years have required educators to rethink the intercultural competencies students will need to be successful in increasingly blended communities and workplaces. International Virtual Exchange (IVE) is a valuable tool to increase student access to intercultural communication and promote their development as global digital citizens.

    IVE Workbook:
    Database for International Virtual Exchange (DIVE):
    The Office of Global Engagement's new tool for International Virtual Exchange allows faculty to connect with international colleagues around the world to collaborate on instruction and develop joint projects. Watch the video tutorial.
    Growing International Virtual Exchange -GIVE- Webinar, October 9th 2020:

    On October 9th, 2020, the University System of Georgia, Atlanta Global Studies Center, and Clemson's Office of Global Engagement held a workshop about Growing International Virtual Exchange. The webinar aim the conversations to discuss how to sustain global education in an accessible and inclusive way, both now and in the future. as well as to discover how academia can invest in virtual experiences for the 21st century. The webinar gather 125 participants from different regional institutions during the two sessions.

    Morning session (you can access the session video here):

    Jon Rubin, an internationally-recognized expert in Collaborative Online International Learning will make “The Case for Virtual Exchange,” followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Sharon Nagy (Associate Provost for Global Engagement, Clemson), Dr. Wolfgang Schlör (Associate Provost for International Initiatives, Georgia State University) and Dr. Stephen Harmon (Associate Dean of Research, Georgia Tech Professional Education).

    Afternoon session (you can access the session video here):

    University delegates, curriculum designers, coordinators of experiential programs, faculty, and instructional technology developers are invited to the afternoon session for "A Comparative Look at IVE Models in the Region" by Dr. Nannette Commander (Virtual Exchange Coordinator, Georgia State University), and Dr. Kyle David Anderson (Senior Director of Global Engagement, Clemson University).



    Fulbright-Hays Group Project Grant with College of Honors:

    The U.S. Department of Education awarded a Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad Grant to two educators at Clemson University to further build global service-learning and engagement opportunities in India for students and faculty.

    Clemson is committed to providing students with experiences that prepare them for what comes next, ensuring they have the skills to partner with colleagues from around the world to address pressing global challenges of the 21st century. Kyle Anderson, senior director of Clemson’s Office of Global Engagement, and Sarah Winslow, senior associate director of the Clemson University Honors College, want students to engage in “fair trade” learning, a balanced way of working alongside global collaborators so that knowledge and benefits are shared by all.

    “The proposed project grew out of strategic planning efforts at both Clemson and GSSM, as global engagement is an established priority for both of our institutions,” said Winslow, who is responsible for Honors College curriculum development, student engagement and experiential learning. “It will support our efforts to develop an innovative Honors College curriculum and enhance engagement opportunities, benefitting institutions throughout the state of South Carolina.”

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  • Global Service-Learning

    Global Service-Learning is a community-driven service experience that employs structured, critically reflective practice to better understand common human dignity, self, culture, positionality, socio-economic, political, and environmental issues, power relations, and social responsibility, in local and global contexts (Hartman, Kiely, Friedrichs, & Boettcher, 2015). As part of its commitment to address global challenges and to promote civic engagement, the Office of Global Engagement has launched a number of events and platforms to expand the practice of global service-learning across its campuses and partnerships.