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Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

All students interested in Clemson's accounting degree must first complete the pre-business core curriculum in order to move into the upper-level degree classes. On the Clemson admissions application, students will apply as a pre-business major. To enter the bachelor's program, students must complete the 30 credit hours outlined in the freshman pre-business curriculum with a cumulative GPR of 2.0 or better. Students will follow the curriculum in effect at the point they enter the bachelor's program.

Once enrolled in the program's core classes, students will focus on the intensive study of accounting methodology, auditing, taxation and financial management theory. Clemson's accounting majors also devote about half of their study to the humanities, English, public speaking, mathematics and the natural and social sciences. In this way, students will graduate with a broad-based education that gives them accounting, finance and business expertise and contributes to their proficiency in analytical, communication and interpersonal skills - after all, businesses are made up of people.

Students receiving a bachelor's degree in accounting are prepared to begin accounting careers in corporate accounting and auditing, or pursue graduate study.