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Frequently Asked Questions

Curriculum and Degree Works

Transfer Courses

Planning a Course Schedule

  • Can I expect that all the courses I need will be offered every semester?

    We will offer required MKT courses almost every Fall and Spring semester. Some optional MKT courses will only be offered subject to faculty availability. However, the Department of Marketing tries its best to offer most courses at least once each academic year. Many of the required and optional MKT courses may also be offered during summer sessions; however, these are contingent on faculty availability and student enrollments. Note: The Department of Marketing has no control over non-MKT courses, and you will need to contact the appropriate department to see if a course you need will be offered in the semester in which you need it.

  • Can an advisor tell me if I will graduate "on time?"

    You (the student) are the best person to address this question since many personal factors are involved. Use your degree "Worksheet" and curriculum sequence to determine how many remaining classes you have to take. Advisors can help students understand the curriculum requirements and the suggested sequence of courses. However, it is YOUR responsibility to schedule course loads (based on your personal goals and situations) and to regularly compare your plans with the curriculum requirements listed in Degree Works.

  • Can an advisor increase my limit so I can take more classes?

    In most cases, the limit is set by the registrar at 19 hours to allow everyone to have a chance to get a full load of classes before allowing students to take an overload of classes. The day before classes begin, students may contact Registration Services to have the limit raised to 21. The Registration Services Office can be reached by phone at (864) 656-2305 or by email at Students who wish to register for more than 21 credits must have the approval of the advisor. Please include the student's ID number in the correspondence.

  • I have not been able to register for an MKT class that I need. Can I expect to get into this class, or must I wait until another semester to take it?

    You should contact your advisor if this will impact your scheduled graduation date. You may not get the section you want, but you have a good chance of getting into a section that fits your academic schedule. It is strongly advised to have a backup plan for the situation where you are not able to take a certain class at a specific time. Note: The Department of Marketing has no control over enrolling you in non-MKT classes that are full, and you will need to contact the Registration Coordinator for the corresponding department regarding these courses.

  • Can I take a course without satisfying its prerequisites?

    The short answer is no, you cannot take a course without satisfying its prerequisites. The long answer is that some courses leave the final admission in the course up to the department or the instructor.

    It is your responsibility to check the prerequisite for a course (see the course descriptions in the Undergraduate Announcements) and to make sure that you will have satisfied all of them when you sign up for a class. iROAR should prevent you from signing up for a course without having the prerequisites, but you will be subsequently dropped from the course if you do not satisfy its prerequisites.

Changing Majors

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