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Department of Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Planning and Registration

  • How do I get my PIN for registration?

    You must meet with your assigned advisor to get your registration PIN each semester. Schedule an appointment with your advisor using the link sent to your Clemson email address regarding Pre-Registration Advising.

  • When is my registration time ticket?

    Registration time tickets are assigned each semester one to two weeks before registration begins. Once registration time tickets are assigned, you can find them in your Advising Student Profile.

    Access your Advising Student Profile in iROAR >> Student Self-Service >> Under Student Records, Advising Student Profile. Click on "Registration Notices" in the upper right corner to see your time ticket and any holds, if applicable.

  • Can I expect that all the courses I need will be offered every semester?

    We will offer required MKT courses almost every Fall and Spring semester. Some optional MKT courses will only be offered subject to faculty availability. However, the Department of Marketing tries its best to offer most courses at least once each academic year. Many of the required and optional MKT courses may also be offered during summer sessions; however, these are contingent on faculty availability and student enrollments. Note: The Department of Marketing has no control over non-MKT courses, and you will need to contact the appropriate department to see if a course you need will be offered in the semester in which you need it.

  • Can an advisor tell me if I will graduate on time?

    Graduation "on time" is determined by you and your progress in completing curriculum requirements. Your advisor can advise you on course loads each semester to help you graduate according to your intended timeline, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to schedule and complete your classes. It is important that you keep your advisor updated on your intended graduation semester and other plans that impact your semester course load (i.e., dropping a class, a semester abroad, a COOP or internship semester, summer classes, etc.).

  • What do I do if classes are full when I register?
    1. If there are open sections of a course, then add what is available.
    2. Add classes on your backup/alternate class list instead.
    3. Submit closed course requests for classes where ALL sections are full.
      You can submit closed course requests in iROAR >> Student Self-Service >> Under Student Registration, Request a Seat in a Closed Course.
      Be sure to provide a truthful, detailed reason for needing the course. Requesting an "ANY" section and allowing the registration coordinator to work around your other classes is best.
    4. Watch for seats to open while you wait to get an answer to your request.
    5. Reach out to your advisor if you have any questions or concerns.
      While we will do everything possible to enable you to get the classes you need, we cannot always accommodate specific sections/times, even for work. You will need to be flexible in adding available courses within your curriculum.

Curriculum and Degree Progress

  • Where do I find marketing curriculum requirements?

    Marketing curriculum resources can be found on our curriculum page.

  • How do I know my catalog year?

    Typically, your catalog year is the academic year of your first semester at Clemson, but you can confirm your catalog year in two places:

    1. Degree Works - "Bachelor of Science Degree" block.
    2. Advising Student Profile - Top, right "Curriculum, Hours & GPA" box.
  • How do I access Degree Works and/or my Advising Student Profile?

    Degree Works and your Advising Student Profile are accessed through iROAR (Student Self-Service >> Under Student Records).

  • If I am pursuing dual degrees or a double major, how do I get Degree Works to apply my credits to both degrees?

    Degree Works does not accurately apply credits for two degrees at once as in the case of dual degrees or double majors. You will need to use the "What-If" feature to look at the requirements for each degree/major separately.

    In Degree Works, select the "What-If" tab. Select each of the following: Degree, Major, Concentration/Emphasis area (if applicable), and Minor (if applicable). Then click the "Process" button. Repeat to evaluate requirements for your second degree/major.

  • Can I change my catalog year?

    There are some circumstances where it may be beneficial to change your catalog year. Reach out to your advisor to discuss this option for your specific circumstances.

  • Is there a foreign language requirement in my marketing curriculum?

    No. Minors in a foreign language can be used for your Support Courses.

  • What are Support Courses or the Support Requirement?

    Support Courses or the Support Requirement in the marketing curriculum "support" your interest in a career path or your desire to explore different subjects to determine your interests. You can fulfill your Support Requirement in one of two ways:

    1. You can take Support Courses from the approved list in Degree Works OR
    2. complete a minor.

    See your advisor if you have any questions.

  • How do I declare a minor?

    Students can declare or remove a minor in iROAR >> Student Self-Service >> Under Student Records, Undergraduate Change of Program: Major, Minor, Emphasis, Catalog Year. Note that your advisor must approve the request.

  • How do I know when I've completed graduation requirements for my marketing degree?

    You can check your graduation progress in Degree Works. When you have completed graduation requirements, ALL of the following should be true in Degree Works:

    1. 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher.
    2. Minimum total required credits Applied and In-Progress.

    (121 minimum total credits for catalog years before 2022-2023; 120 minimum total credits for catalog years including and after 2022-2023.)

    1. All curriculum requirements are checked off in Degree Works.

    EXCEPTION: If you have at least the minimum total credits for your catalog year Applied and In-Progress, your Required Electives block does NOT have to be checked off.

    If you have any questions about graduation eligibility, contact your advisor.

  • Is there a way to calculate my GPA anticipating grades for the current semester?

    If you need assistance determining how your academic performance this semester will impact your cumulative GPA, please use the GPA Calculator. It can help you determine how your anticipated grades will affect your GPA and how using academic forgiveness will affect your GPA.

  • Can I receive course credit for internships?

    There are two internship courses/credit options for marketing majors.

    • MKT 3990 or 4990 internship course - You can apply to enroll in 1-3 credit hours, depending on the number of hours you will work for your internship. Tuition is required for the enrolled number of credit hours of the course. Details about the MKT internship course(s) are provided each semester by Professor Fine via email. Watch your email for more information about requirements, deadlines and course registration. The MKT internship course credits can apply to satisfy the professional development requirement*, support requirements or elective credits in the Marketing curriculum.
    1. INT course through the Career Center - INT courses are zero credit hours, but they can still satisfy the professional development requirement*. Because INT courses are zero hours, tuition is not charged, but there is a fee. Find INT course details, including contact information for the Career Center, if you have additional questions.

    *Note that the professional development requirement only applies to marketing curricula before the 2022-2023 catalog year.

    See your Marketing advisor if you have any questions.

Transfer Courses

Changing Majors

  • I am thinking of changing my major. How can I determine how my courses will apply in the new major's curriculum?

    In Degree Works, select the "What-If" tab. Select the desired degree, the major, the concentration/emphasis area (if applicable) and a minor (if applicable). Click the "Process" button.

    The "What-If" report will show you where the classes you've completed fit in the desired major's curriculum and which classes you have remaining to meet the new major's requirements.

  • How do I change my major?
    1. Check the website of the major you wish to change into to understand any course/GPA/application requirements. If you can't find the change of major requirements on their website, email an advisor in the major you wish to change into.
    2. Once you meet the requirements to change your major, submit a request in iROAR >> Student Self-Service >> Under Student Records, Undergraduate Change of Academic Program: Major, Minor, Emphasis, Catalog Year.
  • What are the requirements to change into the Marketing major?

    To change to the marketing major, you must have a 3.0 cgpa at Clemson and have completed Pre-business course requirements (ECON 2110, ECON 2120, an approved Calculus MATH sequence, ENGL 1030, a Natural Science with a lab and BUS 1010).

    Since you must be a Pre-business major to take BUS 1010, most students must change to the Pre-business major first, then to marketing. You can view more details on the Pre-business change of major policy.

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