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Other Global Opportunities

Fostering a global mindset is instrumental for every student in order to develop as a global citizen, ready to rise to the opportunities and challenges faced by the worldwide community. The Office of Career and Global Engagement facilitates global opportunities that can be done on campus for the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business students. By keeping closely in line with college priorities, we ensure that these opportunities complement the student's business degree.

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  • Global Competence Certificate

    Program Overview:
    The Global Competence Certificate is an educational program that explores intercultural theories and models through active experimentation in a new cultural environment and deep reflection with a facilitator. You are now more equipped with the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to interact effectively in a global and cross-cultural environment.

    Four Core Goals:


    • Increase cultural self-awareness through reflecting on their own personal and cultural experience as citizens in local to global contexts.
    • Identify and understand how cultural groups have shaped their characteristic ways of feeling, perceiving, thinking, and behaving.
    • Analyze and reflect on power relations, privilege, and inequality.


    • Recognize and understand patterns of behavior and values of people from different cultural contexts.
    • Empathize with culturally different others.


    • Suspend judgment and be flexible in different cultural contexts.
    • Apply effective and appropriate strategies to deal with ambiguous situations.
    • Describe and manage responses to their own cultural biases and emotional triggers.
    • Be aware of personal limits and be open to seek support.


    • Initiate and develop relationships with culturally different others.
    • Communicate and interact effectively and appropriately in different contexts.
  • Dean’s Global Leadership Program

    To develop leaders who possess the knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes necessary to lead positive change in the larger global context

    Program Overview:
    The Dean's Global Leadership Program (DGLP) combines both academic and experiential learning in a collaborative approach to help students develop the skills necessary to lead in the 21st-century global economy. The focus of the DGLP is to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to be leaders in those professions and be contributing and engaged members of a global society.

    The program may be completed in as little as one and a half years or may be stretched out over multiple years to accommodate a student's schedule. All students will take the two core courses, Global Business Negotiations and Global Leadership Lessons, and will have flexibility in completing the remaining DGLP requirements of 1) at least one International Business Perspectives course, 2) two semesters of 1-credit hour leadership practicum courses, and 3) a Global Experience. More information about these specific requirements can be found on the Program Requirements tab.


    1. Problem-solving within a global context
    2. Critical thinking
    3. Cultural sensitivity and inclusion
    4. Collaboration with others from different backgrounds
    5. Understanding of how varying perspectives influence global challenges
    6. Teamwork and relationship building
    7. Negotiation skills
    8. Ethical decision making
    9. Refined leadership style and an understanding of leadership needs of business and team

    You must be a business major in good academic standing. Please note that it takes 1.5+ years to complete all program requirements, so students in their last 3 semesters at Clemson are encouraged to speak with the program directors prior to submitting an application

    View more program information.

  • Student Testimonials

    For the Global Competence Certificate:

    "I've thoroughly enjoyed working through the Global Competence Certificate. It has helped me think outside of myself and has shown me practical steps to better understand others. I have gotten to know my peers on a deeper level through the facilitated dialogues. The GCC has shifted my perspective when it comes to relating and supporting those around me." - Kaylin LeCroy, Marketing major

    "The GCC is a unique opportunity that I was so fortunate to be a part of. We were able to have conversations in an environment that was respectful and informative, and the topics we talked about really mattered. I realized a lot about why people operate the way that they do, and that awareness allows me to handle situations in a more effective way. More than anything, I appreciate the fact that everyone felt like they had a voice and something of value to contribute. Discussions like that are the most productive to be a part of." - Katherine Alber, Marketing major

    For the Dean's Global Leadership Program:

    "The Global Leadership Lessons course helped me expand my capabilities beyond what I thought was possible. This program gave me a sense of confidence and the defined skillset I need to become a better leader in all areas of my life. Beyond that, this program also allowed me to connect with other leaders and create friendships that I will maintain for the rest of my life." - Sarah Cooper, Marketing major

    "Global Business Negotiations was one of the best classes I've taken at the university so far, if not the best. By going through aspects of dealing with negotiations, which are more present in our lives than we might think, with people that are different and similar to you, I really felt I took away valuable lessons for my entire life. Moreover, Professor Jahn makes sure that the class actually gets to know each other, ultimately resulting in an incredible opportunity to network with my peers, and exchange and learn information in a very diverse class. I highly recommend this class if you are looking for something 'out of your comfort zone.'" - Pedro Chaib, Management major/Accounting minor

    "Everyone thinks negotiation is a win-lose argument where one party gets what they want and the other is left with nothing. This class has taught me that negotiation is, and should be, a win-win. It is about problem-solving and walking away from the deal better than you showed up." - Keith Griswold, Economics major

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