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CAFLS Faculty-Led Programs (below)

These programs are typically directed by Clemson faculty members who travel abroad with students and are usually (but not always) brief in duration.

Dehli, India

Spring Break

Dr. David Tonykn

Biodiversity and Conservation

Our goal is to introduce students to the origins, status and future of India's extraordinary biological and cultural diversity, through lectures, readings, discussions and a mandatory trip to India over spring break.  India is at one of the biological and cultural crossroads of Asia, and the stamps of western deserts, northern highlands and eastern rainforests are clear in the architecture, cuisine, languages, and religion, as well as in the plants and animals of this culturally and biologically rich country.  This course will provide a window into this world of huge, bustling cities alongside subsistence farmers sharing forests with tigers, and with the extraordinary conservation challenges that result.

Pamplona, Spain


Dr. Aubrey Coffee

Food Science in Spain: Visit page ››

Come enjoy the history, culture, and food of Spain while earning six hours of academic credit during a five-week program studying at Pamplona Learning Spanish Institute in Pamplona (PLSI). Travel with faculty on course-related trips and have a once in a lifetime learning experience investigating the foods and culture of Northern Spain! Investigate the foods of Spain as this program travels from farm to table through sensory evaluation and flavor development, commercial and retail markets, food processing, food safety, and sanitation, food laws and regulations, and Spanish agricultural products. Also experience the culture first hand through excursions, classes, and interaction with host families.


Summer (May)

Dr. John Hains

Freshwater Ecology in Dominica

Introduction to tropical ecosystems and habitats of the Nature Island of the Caribbean. Study the ecological and biological interrelationships with emphasis on tropical aquatic ecosystems. Study living organisms in their natural surroundings. Conduct a team-based research project. Experience the diverse cultures and learn the rich history of Dominica at Clemson's field station in the Caribbean.

This program is actually a regular course package that is being offered as a Study Abroad program! Courses taken are BIOL 4430 (3 credits) and BIOL 4440/4441 (2 credit lab), worth a total of 5 credits and constitute the entire 'Ecology' degree requirement in the Biological Sciences degree. The entire lab course is completed during the Study Abroad experience, while the lecture is completed online prior to the abroad experience.

Costa Rica and Panama


Dr. Vincent Gallicchio

Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Rehabilitation Mission

Students will be engaged in the daily operations of clinics in country. Students will participate in hands-on healthcare activities and procedures while working alongside local practitioners and technicians delivering healthcare to the needy. The students will work with local patients that may be children and/or young adults.

This study abroad program offerings are a series of 4 different trips and have generated the interest of >350 students. Applications are required for selection of students.

France and Germany


Dr. Heather Dunn

Dr. Thomas Scott

Studying Animal Science in a European Setting

This program will be a great experience for students interested in an AVS experience abroad. Students will expand classroom knowledge while gaining awareness of alternative farming techniques and learning about other cultures--all preparing students for a global workforce! Students will have the opportunity to earn 3 credits (AVS 4440-2 Credits and AVS 4430-1 Credit) on this program during their time in France and Germany.

The program will also offer excursions, site visits, and tours to: castles, the Germany Pharmacy Museum, a goat farm, a organic dairy, a museum with anatomical dissections, a poultry farm, a sheep farm, a dog breeder, the European Association promoting provincial agriculture, and a swine facility. Also, students with be able to meet and engage with students from European universities.

Dublin, Ireland


Dr. Paul Dawson

Food Resources and Irish Studies: Visit page ››

Learn about food processing in the U.S. and Ireland through this program. Students will develop awareness of cultural differences between the U.S. and Ireland and an appreciation for the rich literary, musical, and dance traditions of Ireland.

Earn 6 credits with Food Resources and Irish Studies courses that fulfill STS and CCA general education requirements while enjoying the cultural and historical sites surrounding Dublin. This 5-week program is located on the University College of Dublin campus with excursions to historical sites and a 3 day/night trip to Galway.