CAFLS Fall Workshop Series

Hosted by the Bookhart Student Services Center and open to students from all majors.

August: Connecting your Major to Careers

August 30th, 1-2pm in F149 P&A

Unlock the power of your degree and connect it to national leadership opportunities. Special Guest, Ashley Collins from Agricultural Futures of America will present.

September: Explore the Possibility of Studying Abroad

September 13th, 1-2pm in F149 P&A

Discover all the ways to study abroad and realize that it is possible and affordable! Hear from Clemson Abroad staff and CAFLS Faculty about opportunities!

October: The Challenge of Feeding the World

October 11th, 1pm - 2pm in F149 P&A

Join the conversation about the challenges we face in food insecurity, from local communities to worldwide. Meet tigers who have accepted the challenge to find solutions to these problems.

November: Industry Panel: Meet the Experts

Network with successful CAFLS alumni who want to answer your questions and tell you about their journey to success.

For more information, contact Paula Beecher

Fall Workshop Series

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