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Global Black Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Global Black Studies combines the interdisciplinary study of the African Diaspora, with an emphasis on the contributions African descendants have made to Western society.  Majors are taught to ask critical questions about the social, economic, political, and cultural contributions Africans have made to Western society and to identify connections between Africans in diverse cultures.  The interdisciplinary curriculum combines coursework in Global Black Studies with numerous practical work experiences and opportunities. The overall curriculum is 120 hours and includes general education requirements, core courses for the major, foreign language requirements, minor and electives across the four academic years.  

 The program of study includes courses stipulated in the curriculum map below.  The major consists of 33 credit hours.  All students take an 18 hour core of required courses (Group I) which includes an introductory class, Introduction of Pan African Studies (PSA 3010); the Atlantic World (GBS 1010); African American History, 1492-1877 (HIST 3110); African American History, 1977-present (HIST 3120); a theories and methods course selected from GBS 4710, 4100 or 4000; and a capstone senior seminar (GBS 4980).  

In addition to the core courses, students must select six credit hours from courses that focus entirely on race and ethnicity (Group II); six credit hours from courses that involve a substantial focus on racial issues (Group III); and three credit hours in approved race and ethnicity courses from the humanities or social sciences (Group IV). 

Global Black Studies
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