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Serita's Corner

Welcome to PEER/WISE

Congratulations on your choice of a science or engineering major. You have chosen a challenging and rewarding career choice. We are here to help you prepare for and succeed in that career, and we will do all that we can assist you as you pursue your degree at Clemson University. In fact, we have created this program for you and we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. In addition, feel free to suggest other programs or information we could provide to assist you as you prepare for your career in science and engineering.

Please also know that my door is always open in 158 Freeman Hall. Students are first! If you need someone to cheer you up, calm you down, listen to you, talk to you, encourage you or even if you need someone to brag about the "A" you made in Chemistry, come see me. I am here for you, so please come by often!

We appreciate your feedback concerning the PEER and WISE programs.

Have a Wonderful Semester!