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Student Lounge: 158 Freeman Hall

The PEER/WISE lounge is located right around the corner from Cooper Library. Nestled in 158 Freeman Hall, the lounge offers information about various science and engineering majors, resource books and journals, a database of alumni contacts, scholarship notices and a directory of faculty members in the sciences and engineering at Clemson University. The lounge also serves as a place for students to relax between classes, hold group meetings, or just 'hang-out' and socialize with peers.

Due to COVID-19, we are hosting a virtual lounge where students can gather and socialize in a safe space. This virtual lounge will be available beginning August 10th at 8AM. Students are encouraged to login in between classes and during study time in order to be a source of encouragment for each other.

Join the virtual lounge here:

lounge photo

The lounge also has the engineering & a science test bank, one of the largest of its kind. Stop by 158 Freeman Hall and look through our selection for your classes and study materials