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Practice Exams

In order to keep staff and students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the PEER & WISE E-Library of Practice Exams (formerly known as the test bank) is now offered online.

The process of the PEER & WISE E-library of practice exams is as follows:

  1. A student may request and receive a maximum of two (2) exams per week.
  2. All practice exams will be distributed by email.
  3. Practice exam requests will be fulfilled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays each week.
    • Requests received by 4:00 pm on Monday will be fulfilled by 4:30 pm on the following Wednesday.
    • Requests received by 4:00 pm on Wednesday will be fulfilled by 4:30 pm on the following Friday.
    • Requests received by 4:00 pm on Friday will be fulfilled by 4:30 pm on the following Monday.

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Reserve a Room

PEER and WISE houses several rooms that are available upon request for meetings/group study sessions. The conference room can accommodate up to 8 people and can be used for group study, teleconference meetings, etc. The office area is a smaller space, frequently used for PEER and WISE mentors to meet with their mentees. The annex is used for larger events and can accommodate up to 75 people.

These spaces can be reserved.

Funding Request

If you are attending a professional conference or event and you can request funding for registration fees.


PEER and WISE offers one-on-one life coaching. We are here to help you identify life goals and give you the tools to best achieve them. The goal of offering these services is to assist as you work toward success in your personal, academic, and professional life. 

Contact Serita Acker at to set up an appointment.


PEER and WISE offers online tutoring.