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Campus Recreation

Our professional staff continues to develop new approaches to engage participants in a variety of programs and services during this modified operational period. Please direct any general questions to if you don’t have a direct contact for the area you are trying to reach. Visit our social media channels via the buttons below.


Fitness and Wellness

At-home workout graphics are posted on all social media platforms each Mondays with Instagram Live classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays throughout the summer. Want to work out on your own time? Our live classes will be saved to IGTV on Instagram and on our YouTube page where you can watch many of our pre-recorded workout videos! We offer a range of classes including HIIT, yoga, kickboxing, circuit training, barre, and Tiger-Pump!

Campus Rec is offering free access to the FitnessOnDemand Flex app for our members through July. FitnessOnDemand Flex features hundreds of fitness classes ranging in class type, duration, focus area and more! In order to get access to the app, you will need to fill out this form. Please email Jenny Rodgers ( with any questions about access or use of the app.

In addition, Les Mills on Demand is offering limited free access to their virtual fitness platform. You can access over 95 workouts in 8 different categories.

Clemson Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE)

Responsible Recreation in the Outdoors

For many of us, getting outside is our primary form of recreation. Whether it is hiking, biking, paddling or another activity, we need these things in our lives as part of our routine in order to be well. But how do we balance our need to get outside with the need for us to stay safe, to keep others safe, and to minimize our impact on the environment? CORE has some suggestions and resources for you that we hope can help you answer that question for yourself.

Outdoor Adventure Recommendations

Stay close to home.

This is not the time to travel extensively. The further you travel, the more chances of contracting or spreading illness. Additionally, many small-town communities that are known for their outdoor recreation opportunities are not equipped to handle large influxes of people at the moment. They need to focus their resources on their communities, not on tourists and visitors.

Avoid popular areas.

What are the classic and easily accessible areas to recreate outside near you? Those are places you should not go right now. Overcrowding at popular areas has been a real problem in this time. Not only does this increase the health risks for you and others around you, it has tangible negative impacts on the environment as well. If you absolutely have to go to a certain area, try and choose the least popular times like weekdays and early mornings to get outside.

Plan for having less resources.

While a park or trail system may be open, not all of the resources it normally offers may be. Bathrooms may be closed, water fountains turned off, trash cans absent, etc. Make sure you are prepared to do without these resources and are making plans that will reduce your environmental impact like bringing bags to pack out your trash or knowing how to properly use the bathroom outside.

Choose low-risk adventures and plan well for them.

Now is not the time to push your limits. Our first responder and medical communities are already stretched thin. Don’t add to their burden by getting hurt or lost after taking too many risks.

Pick activities you can do solo or that everyone can maintain appropriate physical distance during.

Paddling and biking are good examples of activities that can be done with people where everyone can drive separately and stay relatively far from each other while still being “together” during the activity.

Outdoor Adventure Resources

Try out some of our favorite websites.

Try out websites like alltrails, mtbproject, or gopaddlesc. Try and look for places that seem like they would be less used and try them out. Feel proud that you’re exploring somewhere new and doing your part to reduce overcrowding issues and risks.

Use social media to stay up to date on the most recent news in your local outdoor community.

Local conservation organizations, outdoor-related businesses like guide services, and city governments in popular outdoor recreation areas are all worth following for this kind of information.

Make use of us as a resource!

While the CORE program is not operating in its normal capacity, we still have staff that are here for you as resources. Do you have questions about places to recreate locally, the skills and equipment needed for an outing, or need someone to otherwise help plan an outdoor adventure? Reach out to us at

Sport Programs

Trick Shot Challenge

Intramural Sports is challenging you to show us your best trick shot! You can keep it simple or use your imagination (basketball shots, indoor golf chipping, socks in the laundry basket, ping-pong balls, etc.) Show us your best trick shot to have a chance to win an intramural championship t-shirt!

Video submissions will be accepted through Saturday, August 15. One winner will be selected each week and will be posted to the Clemson Campus Recreation Instagram and Facebook pages.

Competition Rules:

  • Be safe! Practice social distancing, protect yourself and others. Here are the CDC guidelines on how to protect yourself from COVID-19.
  • Videos should be no more than 20 seconds in length.
  • In each video, introduce yourself and say the date that the video is being recorded (either to start or finish the video) to indicate that this video is specifically for this competition. Videos submitted without an introduction and date will not qualify.
  • We encourage you to show your Clemson spirit in your video! Wear Clemson colors, your favorite Clemson jersey or attire, a Tiger costume, etc.
  • Participants can submit as many videos as they’d like throughout the competition.

You can join this competition in the comfort of your own home with family members/roommates or by yourself. We are not encouraging you to physically socialize in this process or do anything you’re not comfortable doing or that goes against CDC guidelines.

How to Enter:

  • Submit your video by direct messaging either the Clemson Campus Recreation Instagram or Facebook account.
  • Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions at

University Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine (UPTSM)

Physical therapists from University Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine at Fike are available for complimentary therapeutic orthopedic and sports injury consultations. Physical therapy treatments are also being provided one patient at a time with stringent safety precautions. Calls for a consult with our physical therapists can be scheduled by dialing (864) 643-1326.


Campus Rec is recruiting for fall employees. Learn about our jobs here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is being refunded?

The University is offering refunds for unused fees associated with housing, meal plans, parking permits, transit fees, the campus activity fee and campus recreation fee.

How will I receive my refund?

Students who automatically qualified for the Campus Recreation Fee will receive a credit to their student account. All other participants who purchased membership directly from Clemson Campus Recreation have been contacted directly with instructions to collect information necessary to complete refunds. If you believe you are owed a refund, and have not been contacted, please contact Victoria Roberts at

I’m an employee enrolled in Payroll Deduction for my membership. What does this mean for me?

Please refer to for all details regarding payroll deduction.

How was my refund calculated?

Students, Employees, Alumnae and Community members may have different start and end dates of their memberships and permits, and therefore, the specific calculation may vary. However, generally prorated refunds will begin March 23 through the end of your agreement.

Will refunds be issued for Formal Program Registrations (CORE Trips, F45 Memberships, Personal Training & Certification Classes), Locker Rentals and Towel Service?

Yes. In general, these prorated refunds will begin March 23 through the end of your agreement. All other participants who purchased program registrations, locker rentals, and towel service have been contacted directly with instructions to collect information necessary to complete your refund. If you believe you are owed a refund, and have not been contacted, please contact Victoria Roberts at

I am an Alumnae/Community Member who purchased a parking pass to use Campus Recreation Facilities. Will prorated refunds be issued for these passes?

Yes, however these passes were purchased directly through Parking and Transportation Services. For details regarding your parking pass refund, please contact them directly at

I currently have a locker with personal belongings. Can I access these items now?

At this time all Campus Recreation Facilities are closed as part of the University’s modified operations. We will be in touch with our members who have lockers, when we are able to make facilities available to pick up personal items.

I rented equipment prior the closure of Campus Recreation facilities. Will I be charged late fees and when can I return it?

If you rented equipment prior to facility closure, please hold on to the equipment and we will be in touch when we are able check items back in. Fees will not be assessed if the equipment is not damaged and in working order.

I will be new to campus in the fall and am interested in Programs and Memberships that will be available when the University returns to normal operations. Where can I find this information?

Our main department website is still available at Please know that the information posted displays information and offerings available prior to the University’s move to modified operations and is subject to change before returning to our normal schedule.