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MUSC Health Virtual Urgent Care

MUSC Virtual Urgent Care

MUSC Health and Redfern Health Center are now offering an easy-to-use online virtual urgent care service for Clemson University and Bridge to Clemson students who are physically present in the state of South Carolina.

Follow the instructions below to get started and create an account. 

Already have an account? Visit musc.care and log in.

How to Get Started

Go to musc.care

Click Create Account

Picture of musc.care web page

Click Create account (again)

Picture of MUSC Virtual Urgent Care login page where you enter an email address and password

Select Clemson University/Bridge to Clemson Students

Picture where you can select if you're a member of a certain group, such as Clemson Student

Enter your demographic information, including your CUID

Picture of where you can enter your demographic information

Complete the registration

Acknowledge the Legal agreements, then click CREATE ACCOUNT

Picture of window where you complete registration

A Confirmation Email will be sent to you confirming the account creation.

Picture of pop-up window saying confirmation email sent

You must log in to your email and confirm your account. Once you confirm your account, you are ready to begin.

Picture of window saying Clemson Student is selected

Once your account has been created, simply visit musc.care and log in!