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Student Health Services

Rights & Responsibilities

Patient/Client Rights

Student Health Services (Counseling and Psychological Services, Healthy Campus and Medical Services) adopts and affirms as departmental policy the following rights of patients/clients who receive our services.

This policy affords you, the patient/client, the right to:

  1. An inclusive and welcoming environment that preserves dignity, respects cultural and personal values, and contributes to a positive self-image.

  2. Treatment without discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, national origin, age, disability or veteran status.

  3. Care that is competent, considerate, respectful, safe and free from mental, physical, sexual and verbal abuse, neglect and exploitation.

  4. Know the name and function of Student Health Services personnel providing care, treatment and services.

  5. Appropriate assessment and management of pain.

  6. Complete and current information concerning your diagnosis, treatment and expected outcome in terms you can be reasonably expected to understand and enables you to participate in decision-making.

  7. Refuse treatment and to be informed of any potential consequences.

  8. Confidentiality to the extent consistent with care.

  9. Security and privacy of all records pertaining to your treatment, except as required by law or when life is in danger.

  10. Access the information contained in your records within the limits of the law.

  11. Continuity of care and to be informed of the possibility of continuing requirements following the end of treatment.

  12. Refuse to participate in research.

  13. Receive an itemized statement of all charges.

  14. A tobacco-free environment.

  15. Choose or change a health care professional and the right to request a referral/second opinion.

  16. Report concerns about patient care and safety. If concerns are not resolved by Student Health Services' Director of Nursing, Director of CAPS, Director of Administrative Services or Executive Director, the client may contact The Joint Commission.

Patient/Client Responsibilities

Patients/Clients are expected to:

  1. Provide accurate information on complaints including pain, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, psychological treatment and any other significant matter related to your health.

  2. Help us assess your pain and inform us if your pain is not relieved.

  3. Tell us if you don’t understand instructions and/or information.

  4. Keep appointments at the scheduled time, or cancel in advance if unable to keep appointments.

  5. Follow treatment plan or clearly state refusal of treatment or inability to comply with treatment plan.

  6. Follow Student Health Services rules and regulations.

  7. Consider the rights of other patient/clients and staff.

  8. Respect other’s property.

  9. Refrain from using tobacco in accordance with University policy.

  10. Become informed of the scope of basic services offered, the costs and necessity for medical insurance, and actively seek clarification of any aspect of participation in Student Health Services programs and services, including cost, that is not understood.

  11. Meet any financial obligation for care, treatment or services rendered by Student Health Services.

Student Health Services
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