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Supervisors, Building Security Coordinators and Occupational and Environmental Safety


  • If an employee is sick or has tested positive, verify that they have the necessary information for medical consultation and treatment as provided in Medical Guidance.
  • Discuss their work activities for the 2 days before they began feeling sick or were tested.
    • List the buildings, rooms and dates in each space.
    • Notify Occupational and Environmental Safety (OES) at 864-656-0341 of this information to begin the closure and/or cleaning process.
  • Discuss when they may return to work (when Sullivan Center provides documentation of clearance).

Occupational and Environmental Safety

  • Determine the appropriate closure and/or cleaning process, in coordination with the Principal Investigator (PI) for research spaces.
  • Notify the appropriate organizations and the Building Security Coordinator (BSC) of closure and/or cleaning of the space to start the closure and notification process.
  • Arrange for cleaning, if appropriate.
  • When cleaning has been completed, notify BSC (and the PI, if applicable) that the space can be reopened.

Building Security Coordinators

  • If directed to do so by OES, close space(s), post signage and notify all building occupants of the closure and/or cleaning process that has been implemented.
  • Work with OES and University Facilities to coordinate cleaning process, as requested.
  • If directed to do so by OES, open the space(s), remove signage, and notify building occupants that the closure and/or cleaning process has been completed and of the opening of the space(s).