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volunteer installing plants in a rain garden on a sunny day
Cooperative Extension

Carolina Rain Garden Initiative

The Carolina Rain Garden Initiative provides tools and resources to assist with the installation of rain gardens in diverse settings such as yards, schoolyards, community centers and more.

A rain garden is a landscaped depression that allows rainwater runoff from impervious areas; such as rooftops, driveways and compacted lawn areas, the opportunity to infiltrate and be absorbed, reducing stormwater runoff and associated pollution. Rain gardens are a popular and attractive way for homeowners to manage erosion and moisture control issues, beautify the home landscape, create wildlife habitat and protect clean water downstream.

Master Rain Gardener

The Master Rain Gardener (MRG) program will provide design standards and the knowledge-based skill set necessary to install rain gardens and rainwater harvesting systems on a residential scale. The program is a hybrid, multi-week curriculum allowing for self-paced online learning modules, hands-on field experience, and a two-track option to meet the needs of diverse audiences.

Visit the Master Rain Gardener Website
designing a rain garden
Cooperative Extension Carolina Rain Garden Initiative
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