All Clemson University departments are required to receive approval prior to extending the credit of the University through the invoicing process. Approval must be obtained whether the department wishes to invoice through the Accounts Receivable Department or within their own department. Should your department decide to start invoicing customers, some simple steps need to be followed first. The process begins by filling out our Department Approval Form. Please type your responses to all questions, print the form, have it signed by your Department Head or Dean, and mail/interoffice the form along with any attachments to the following address:

Accounts Receivable
Clemson Centre
391 College Ave, Suite 302
Clemson, SC 29634

Upon receipt of your form, the Accounts Receivable Department will review it, ask any necessary questions, and approve or deny your request. You will be notified once your request has been processed.

Each department which has been approved to invoice, whether inside their own department or through the Accounts Receivable Department, is responsible for billing their own customers. It is your department's responsibility to generate invoices and mail them out to customers. For those departments going through the Accounts Receivable Department to invoice, once invoices have been mailed, the Accounts Receivable Department will act on the behalf of your department to collect funds owed to the University and post payments. See Payment Methods for more information. Invoice payments can also be made online.

Once your department has been approved to invoice through the Accounts Receivable Department, the person within your department responsible for billing customers is required to complete web invoicing training before any invoices are entered. Your Business Officer must submit a Request CUBS Access Form and you must complete a CUBS Completion of Online Training Form for Financials before access is granted in CUBS. See CUBS training online.

After you complete the web invoicing training at the bottom of the page, please return to the top and click on Training Forms. You will then select Completion of Online PeopleSoft Financials Training to confirm that you have completed the web invoicing training. Once this has been completed, you will receive an email from IT Help. They will notify you when you have been granted access in PeopleSoft to enter web invoices. You may then begin invoicing your customers.

If your department has opted to not go through the Accounts Receivable Department and has obtained approval to invoice within your own department, you are required to submit an aging report on a quarterly basis to the Accounts Receivable Department. This aging report may be submitted via email to The Accounts Receivable Department will review your aging report and ask any necessary questions to ensure that proper invoicing and collections procedures are being followed. It is also important to remember that you are still required to submit via email any invoices that you would like written off to the Accounts Receivable Department for approval by the Controller before they can be written off.