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Controller's Office

Deposit Procedures

All University funds should be collected and deposited in accordance with Clemson University's receipts policy. Clemson faculty and staff who are responsible for the collection and/or receipt of monies are required to take receipts training annually. Initial in-person training is required. Subsequent training may be viewed online at the links below. Completion of training must also be verified below on an annual basis.

Download Receipts Training PPT (PDF)
Download Web Deposit Instructions (PDF)
Download Web Deposit Training PPT (PDF)

Please contact Gail Winchester or call 864-656-5601 for the Wells Fargo disposable bank bags. For deposit slips, please go to ordering supplies. Because your department name is now on the deposit slips, we will not have a supply on hand at Cash and Treasury Services. Do not wait until you run out of deposit slips to reorder. It will take up to two weeks to get your order from Wells Fargo Bank. Please know that if you run out and we have to rush the order, your department will be responsible for the shipping charges.

Deposit Procedures

Follow these steps when you are preparing your deposit to go to the bank.

1. Prepare the deposit slip. List currency and coin at the top of the slip. Coin should be limited to $10 or less. If you have more than $10 in coin, you must prepare a separate deposit using a second bag. You should have two adding machine tapes for your checks, one to include with your checks to the bank and one to attach to your web deposit printout.

For over $50 in coins, prepare a separate deposit and take the deposit inside for processing. You must wait for a receipt. Enter deposit in Touchnet as a web deposit.

Write down the total of the checks on the deposit slip. Please do not list each individual check on the deposit slip. Please do not use more than one deposit slip for a deposit. The adding machine tape is the list.

At the bottom of the deposit slip, above the account number, there is a box for “total items.” Please enter the number of checks in your deposit, and in the dollar amount box beside the total items box, please enter the total deposit amount.

Note: For all departments that accept credit cards, please make sure that you do not include your credit card total with your bank deposit. The credit card deposit amount is only included when entering the web deposit.

Example Deposit Slip Image

2. You will put the deposit slip in the bottom pocket of the Wells Fargo disposable bank bag with all checks and/or money orders. Deposit slips currently have a yellow duplicate copy. This copy should be shredded. Future deposit slips will not have the duplicate copy. You should write your bag number and your web deposit number on the bank deposit slip. Any cash or coin will go in the top pocket of the bag. Please make sure both pockets are sealed. You will not receive a receipt from Cash and Treasury Services. In order to verify that your deposit has been received, you should pull up the following query in PeopleSoft daily: CASH_RECEIPTS_DEPT. Note: There is a two-day delay with the query.

3. You will take the prepared disposable night-drop bag to Wells Fargo Bank on 123 Bypass in Clemson. The bag must be dropped in the night drop, not taken into the branch. The night drop is located on the brick wall of the bank through the first drive-thru window.

4. Credit Card-Only Deposit: Enter the deposit in TouchNet as a web deposit within one day of the credit card batch close. You will keep the credit card batch and slips in your office for safekeeping. You will complete and submit the deposit information form (see below deposit information form details).

5. For every web deposit that includes credit card transactions, a Deposit Information Form must be submitted by email to Cash and Treasury Services. On the bottom of the deposit information form, there is a button to click on that will send the form to the appropriate email address.

If you have any questions concerning deposit procedures, please contact Gail Winchester or call 864-656-5601.