Accounting Services

Effective: 1/1/94
Last Updated: 9/24/2015
Revised: 3/12/2018
Related Procedure

Regulatory Authority: 2018 State Appropriations Act, Section 117.20L, SC Code of Laws 8-11-135, IRS Revenue Code 

Reimbursements of moving/relocation expenses for new and existing employees are allowed when such reimbursements are considered reasonable and necessary to successfully recruit a diverse and talented community of scholars, faculty and staff.

Reimbursement of reasonable and necessary moving/relocation expenses for existing employees are authorized when an employee's primary place of business is moved from one location or place to another location or place in the course of the business of the University and are subject College/Budget Center funding availability.

The hiring unit is responsible for identifying the source of funds and for determining the amount available for reimbursement.  An HR representative is responsible for making the new employee aware of the moving/relocation amount offered as part of the official offer letter.  If the offer letter does not specifically address moving/relocation expenses a separate letter should be written indicating the amount available for reimbursement.  The hiring unit will also advise the new employee on procedures for filing for reimbursement.  Moving/relocation expenses, net of applicable withholding, will be made via the employee’s paycheck/direct deposit.  Payments cannot be paid directly to a vendor on behalf of an employee.


  • Vice-president of the hiring division or the University's Executive Leadership Team (ELT) are required to pre-approve all offers that include a moving/relocation expense in excess of $5,000 before the offer is proffered to the recruit.