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Accounting Services

Last Update: 10/13/1998
Effective: 1/1/94
Review Date: January 1, 2002
Revised: 9/24/2015
Related Procedure

Regulatory Authority: 2016 State Appropriations Act, Section 117.20L, SC Code of Laws 8-11-135, IRS Revenue Code

Reimbursements of reasonable relocation expenses for new employees are allowed when such reimbursements are considered necessary to successfully recruit competent faculty and staff. The hiring unit is responsible for identifying the source of funds, for determining the amount available for a specific hire, and for making new employee aware of the relocation expense offered as part of the official offer letter. The hiring unit will also advise the new employee on procedures for filing for reimbursement. 

Reimbursements will be made when documented expenses are submitted and approved by the budget center official.

Reimbursement of reasonable relocation expenses for existing employees are authorized, but dependent on departmental budget restrictions, when an employee’s primary place of business is moved from one town or place to another town or place in the course of the business of the University.


  • Hiring vice-presidents or the University’s Administrative Council are required to pre-approve all offers that include a relocation expense in excess of $5,000 before the offer is proffered to the recruit.
  • Hiring units can pay relocation expenses directly to a moving company under an exception pre-approved by the University’s procurement director. The University is not responsible for any contractual or legal arrangements between the employee and the moving company other than paying up to the pre-approved amount, and the contract may be governed by South Carolina Procurement Code requirements