Cash and Treasury Services

Effective:  1/24/2000
Revised: 10/19/2015
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Responsible Office:
  The Cash and Treasury Services Department



Clemson University is committed to timely employee reimbursement of expenses incurred on official university travel. However, cash travel advances may be provided for official employee and graduate assistant travel on an exception basis with proper approval by the department head.

Travel Advance Process 

When a travel advance is deemed necessary, the advance is limited to estimated out-of-pocket costs. This is normally only the meal allowances for the travel period. Special circumstances that justify cash advances beyond the meal per diem will be determined at the departmental level and must be included on the Temporary Petty Cash Advance Form. Advances are not to be provided more than three working days prior to the beginning of the trip without written justification.  

Failure to Repay

All travel advances must be repaid to the University no more than 30 calendar days after completion of the travel. Individuals receiving advances are personally responsible for funds which have been loaned to them. Individuals that do not adhere to the 30 calendar day payment requirement will be subject to permanent loss of cash advance privileges, and may be subject to progressive discipline for willful violation of written rules, regulations or policies.

Employees that do not adhere to the 30 calendar day repayment requirement will receive an email notification from the Cash and Treasury Services Department reminding the employee that the travel advance is past due. The approving official will be copied on the email notification.

The employee will be given 10 calendar days to make payment in full. If payment in full is not received within the specified time, the outstanding advance will be paid via a preauthorized payroll deduction through the Human Resources office. A report of those individuals requiring payroll deduction for repayment will be provided monthly to the respective Vice President/Provost for their information and followup as they deem appropriate.