Cash and Treasury Services

Effective:  4/1/98
Revised:  4/21/16

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Receiving a Travel Advance

Travel advances must be requested using the Temporary Petty Cash Advance Form. The form must be signed by the traveler and the department head and be submitted to the Cash and Treasury Services Office via email. A cash advance will not be made more than 3 working days in advance of the travel departure date.

If foreign travel is involved, a copy of the approved Authorization for Foreign Travel Form and Sponsored Programs Accounting and Administration approval (if applicable) must be attached to the CUBO 301 (a). If special circumstances that justify travel advances beyond the meal per diem are deemed appropriate by the department head, they must be included on the CUBO 301 (a).

Travel advances cannot be made for items that are prepaid or billed directly to the University.

All travel advances will be issued in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Office of the Comptroller General of the State of South Carolina. For a current listing of travel advance limitations, please refer to the disbursement regulations located on the South Carolina Comptroller General’s website. As outlined in the disbursement regulations, no travel advances will be issued for travel within the state of SC without specific approval of the State Comptroller General. Employees are only eligible to receive a travel advance for 80% of the estimated amount of the total travel expense, excluding airline transportation. Travel advances will not be issued where 80% of the estimated travel expense does not exceed $250.00.

Repaying a Travel Advance

Travel advances must be repaid no more than 30 calendar days after completion of the travel. Travel advances can be repaid online or by a check made payable to Clemson University and sent to Cash and Treasury Services, 391 College Avenue Suite 302, Clemson SC 29634.


Employees that do not adhere to the 30 calendar day repayment requirement will receive an email notification from Cash and Treasury Services reminding the employee that the travel advance is past due. The approving official will be copied on the email notification. The employee will be given 10 calendar days to make payment in full. If payment in full is not received within the specified time, the outstanding advance will be paid via a preauthorized payroll deduction through the Human Resources office. The Cash and Treasury Services Department will coordinate the payroll deduction amount(s) through Human Resources. Once payroll deduction has been initiated, no payments will be accepted in the Cash and Treasury Services Office to prevent the possibility of double payment. If payroll deduction is required for a traveler, no future travel advances will be granted.

If a terminated employee has an outstanding travel advance, the amount of the unpaid travel advance will be considered indebtedness to the University and will be subject to collections procedures administered by the Cash and Treasury Services Office. Such unpaid travel advances may have billing and collection costs added, may be placed with a third party collection agency, and may be reported to a credit bureau.

A report of those individuals requiring payroll deduction for repayment will be provided monthly to the respective Vice President/Provost for their information and follow-up as they deem appropriate. Violation of the Travel Cash Advance Policy is subject to progressive discipline action for willful violation of written rules, regulations or policies.