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55 Exchange

Access Control

Agricultural Systems Productivity

Agricultural Service Laboratory

Alumni Center

Animal and Veterinary Science (AVS)

Animal and Veterinary Sciences Core Histology

Animal and Veterinary Sciences Endo Lab

Automotive Engineering

Baruch Institute

Biological Sciences

Botanical Gardens

Campus Banner and Design

Campus Recreation

Career Center

Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films

CETL - Clemson Engineering Tech Lab

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Chemistry Cytometry

CICA - Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Clemson Major Events - Tillman and Outdoor Spaces

Computer and Network Services

Cooper 4-H Leadership Center

Counseling Clinic

Crop & Equipment Services

CRWC - Center for Research in Wireless Communications

CSI - Center for Student Involvement

CU Radio Productions

Electronic Imaging & Analytical Services

EM & T - Emerging Materials and Technology Laboratory

Entomology, Soils, & Plant Sciences / Multi User Lab

FBMC Rental

FMBC Research

Fire & EMS

Flight Services

Food Science & Nutrition

Garrison Arena

General Engineering


Graphic Communciations


HEHD/Office of Distance Education

Hendrix Center


Human Resources

Instructional Technology Training


Long 4-H Leadership Center

Livestock & Poultry Health

Machining & Technical Services; Engineering & Electronic Services

Madren Center

Mathematical Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

Microstructures Laboratory / Electrical and Computer Engineering

MSE - Materials Science & Engineering

Multimedia Authoring,Teaching and Research Facility (MATRF)-Department of English

NBRC - The National Brick Research Center

NSSP - New Student and Sophomore Programs

Outdoor Lab

Packaging Science

Parking Services

Pee Dee Research Education Center

Pesticide Regulation

Performing Arts

Plant Industry

Plant Problem Clinic Nematode Assay



Publications and Promotions

Reading Clinic

Research Services

Risk Management

Sandhill Research Education Center

Sonoco Institute

 SPIRO Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Strom Thurmond Institute

Student Post Office

Sullivan Center

TAPS (Yearbook)

Telecommuncations Tiger 1 Card Services

Transportation Services

Union Recreation

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Video Production Services

Youth Learning Institute-YLI Headquarters and Education Center