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Global Engagement

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The Office of Global Engagement wants to ensure you have the resources to assist with global relations at Clemson University. Whether you are helping international students and scholars as they navigate their education and employment at Clemson University or looking to create a study abroad program, we are here to assist you in your pursuits.

Clemson Global Travel Registration

Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student, part of a Creative Inquiry project, a member of a student organization or any similar group, it is mandatory to register your international travel through the Clemson Global Travel Registration Portal. This registration process is a valuable tool to help students thoroughly prepare for their international journeys and evaluate potential risks at their destination.

Building a New Study Abroad Program

The Office of Global Engagement handles critical aspects of developing and leading study abroad programs at Clemson University including budgeting, application acceptance, pre-departure orientation, insurance procurement and obtaining required release documents. It is important to note that individual faculty members and departments should submit pre-proposal applications well in advance, with deadlines set 18 months (about 1 and a half years) before the intended program start date: September 30 for Fall and Fall break programs and January 25 for Spring, Spring break and Summer programs.

Hosting J Visa Scholars

Clemson University welcomes exchange visitors from around the world who arrive in the United States under various categories established by the U.S. Department of State. Currently, the University is authorized to sponsor J-1 Exchange Visitors in multiple categories including students, non-degree students, short-term scholars, research scholars, professors and specialists. Prospective exchange visitors invited to participate in academic or research exchanges receive the DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility from the University.

International Employment

International students at Clemson University often seek employment opportunities while pursuing their studies. International Services serves as a valuable guide to navigating the intricacies of employment in the U.S., particularly regarding eligibility for a social security number, applying for off-campus work authorization and understanding American professional culture. International students need to familiarize themselves with the available employment resources to make informed decisions about their work options during their academic journey at Clemson University.

Verification of English Skills Test (VEST)

Clemson University is committed to ensuring the success of its international teaching assistants (ITAs) who use English as a second language. They administer the Verification of English Skills Test (VEST) through English Language Programs to assess the language proficiency of ITAs. New graduate students offered student-facing assistantships (excluding research assistants or graders unless they plan to teach the following semester) are required to take this test if their TOEFL speaking score is below 26, their IELTS speaking score is below 8.0, their PTE score is below 74 or their overall Duolingo score was less than 130.