Conflict of Interest Committee

"Conflict of Interest Committee ("COIC")" shall mean the committee that reviews Conflict of Interest Management Plans submitted by Departments. The COIC shall also serve as the appeals body for conflict of interest situations that are not able to be resolved at the Departmental or College level.  The COIC shall establish its processes and procedures of operation consistent with this policy.

The committee shall comprise the following ex-officio voting members:

General Committee

  1. Chair – Mike Nebesky
  2. General Counsel Designee – currently vacant until new attorney is hired
  3. Staff Designee – Dan Hofmann
  4. Provost’s Designee – Hugo Sanabria
  5. Financial Compliance – Karen Robbins
  6. Conflict of Interest – Alisha Oxendine

Research Committee

  1. Chair – Eric Muth
  2. General Counsel Designee – Beth Crocker
  3. Human Resources Designee – Michelle Cato
  4. Faculty Senate Designee – Danny Weathers
  5. Research Designee – Sheila Lischwe
  6. CURF Designee – Vincie Albritton
  7. Conflict of Interest – Alisha Oxendine