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What is the President’s Leadership Institute?

The President’s Leadership Institute is a nine-month leadership development program that is designed to support and develop professional and personal leadership within a diverse and inclusive community of faculty and staff at Clemson University. The institute enables participants to build individual effectiveness, understand the power of critical thinking and communication, learn directly from President Jim Clements and embrace their own ability to lead within the Clemson community. Each cohort consists of 25 faculty and staff nominated by University leadership.

The President’s Leadership Institute is an exciting opportunity for emerging, high-potential, and high-performing members of the faculty and staff of Clemson University.

  • Goals of the President's Leadership Institute
    • Enable personal and professional growth for every participant.
    • Ensure high levels of familiarity and interaction among faculty and staff from all areas of the University.
    • Offer opportunities for dialogue and discussion on topics important to the state of our University and its environment and constituents.
    • Provide an in-depth, clearer understanding of the internal structure and unique characteristics of our University landscape.
    • Create dialogue and discussion on topics important to the state of our University and its constituents.
    • Explore issues and opportunities facing higher education in general and those specific to Clemson such as our mission, strategies, priorities, governance, stakeholders and internal/external relations.
    • Broaden perspectives of Clemson's impact at a state, regional, national, and international level.
    • Ensure strong University leadership for the future.
    • Improve the University's overall performance.
  • Who can participate?

    Each cohort of the President’s Leadership Institute (PLI) comprises 25 faculty and staff members from across the University who demonstrate exceptional performance in their respective areas. Faculty are nominated by the college deans and/or the Provost; staff are nominated by the University vice-presidents or corresponding divisional heads or senior administrators of the non-academic units of the University. A selection committee reviews the nominations for the final cohort. .

    Annual nominations for the cohort will be solicited in April.

  • What can I expect?

    During the nine-month program, the cohort meets once a month for an all-day session.

    Meetings take place at various locations on campus or in Greenville, Charleston or Columbia.

    Program participants should expect meetings to encompass elements of critical thinking, problem solving, self-analysis, exposure to new ideas, and rigorous and healthy discussion on a myriad of topics, and high levels of fellowship and interaction with fellow classmates.

    Potential topics include:

    • Clemson's history and character (land-grant, mission, governance model)
    • Clemson University as a business: what it takes to run a university and meet the needs of our constituents (finance, facilities, infrastructure)
    • Personal leadership skills/team building/leadership styles
    • Clemson's impact across South Carolina (Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, public service activities)
    • Conflict resolution
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Governmental relations and external relations
    • Opportunities and challenges in higher education
    • Athletics
    • Strategic planning and university priorities
  • Timeline

    Annual nominations for the cohort will be solicited in April.
    Program runs from August through May of a given academic year.

    Each program includes:

    • Seven class days
    • An overnight trip to Columbia and Charleston
    • A graduation
    • Variety of site visits outside of main campus
  • President's Leadership Institute Classes

    Previous Cohorts

    2022 Cohort (See Full Member Bios)

    Fadi Abdeljawad, Dean’s Assistant Professor, CECAS/Department of Engineering and Department of Materials Science and Engineering
    Morgan Allen, Director of Academic Services for Enterprise Applications, CCIT
    Bill Baldwin, Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator, College of Science/Department of Biological Sciences
    Kyle Barrett, Associate Professor of Wildlife Conservation, CAFLS/Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation
    Savannah Bock, Business Officer, College of Education
    Lisa Claxton, Senior Associate General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
    Kelly Collins, Chief of Staff and Operations, CECAS
    Shelia Cotten, Provost’s Distinguished Professor and Associate Vice President for Research Development, Office of Research Development
    Khristy Glover, Accountant/Fiscal Analyst III, PSA/Regulatory Services
    Sara Hanks, Director of the Emerging Scholars program, Division of Inclusion and Equity/Office of Preparation and Outreach
    Katie Hildebrand, Director of the Erwin Center for Brand Communications, Wilbur O. and Anne Powers College of Business
    Kevin James, Professor and Director, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, College of Science
    Ale Kennedy, Chief Human Resources Officer for Clemson University
    David Kuskowski, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Offices in Enrollment Management
    Jason Lucas, Associate Professor, CAAH/Nieri Family Department of Construction
    Science and Management
    Dana Morgan, Associate Executive Director of Marketing and Special Initiatives, Clemson Alumni Association
    Corliss Outley, Professor and Director of the Race, Ethnicity, Youth & Social Equity (REYSE) Collaboratory, PRTM
    Noelle Paufler, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for the Doctor of Education (EdD) in Education Systems Improvement Science, College of Education
    Lesslie Pekarek, Medical Director for Student Health Services, Division of Student Affairs
    Harrison Pinckney IV, Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Race, Ethnicity, Youth and Social Equity (REYSE) Collaboratory, PRTM
    Amanda Richardson, Associate Athletic Director of Compliance, Athletic Compliance Office
    Philip Sikes, Communications Director, Division of University Relations/Division of Student Affairs
    Chad Sosolik, Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator, College of Science/Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Deveraux Williams, IT & Training Manager, Division of University Relations
    Cairen Withington, Director of Program Review and Effectiveness, Graduate School

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