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Clemson does not want to pay more than we have to just because something is “on contract” at a higher price.  State law allows users to purchase off contract with alternate vendors IF the alternate vendor sells the same item for 10% less than the contracted item AND if the contract vendor agrees not to match that lower price.  The requirement is to document that you offered the contract vendor the opportunity to match that price and they refused.  Attach that documentation to the internal notes in buyWays (or include in the procurement file for p-card purchase) and purchase the lower cost item.

If you would prefer for Procurement to handle this “10 percent” rule for you, please fill out the information below. We will contact the contract vendor within the next 2-3 business days.  By completing the information below, we can compile data to work with our contract vendors to improve pricing on items we are purchasing.

Keys to consider: 1) ensure you are comparing “apples-to-apples” when comparing prices; 2) across all our purchases with a contract vendor, we believe we are getting the best possible prices as a whole, but on any particular purchase you may be able to find a better price somewhere else.  It is important to weigh the balance of time/effort of trying to find a better price on everything you buy versus purchasing off an established contract; 3) Procurement needs to know where our contract pricing is not favorable, so please let us know so we can create better contracts going forward.

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