Fiscal Year End Reminders

Purchase Orders

  • Use the queries in buyWays to find any open PO’s that have been received but not invoiced. You will either need to contact the supplier for an invoice or submit a request to have the PO closed. 
  • Review the saved query in buyWays:  Search All Orders > My Searches Tab > Manage Searches > Clemson Shared Folders > AP Fiscal Year End. Open the query and then filter the results by department number.  
  • Open PO’s with a remaining balance over $2500 will be rolled over.


  • When invoices are in the AP approval folders, remember to associate/connect the invoice to the PO.  Not doing this will cause errors in PeopleSoft and delays in payment being made. 
    • Click here for instructions for connecting/associating the invoice to the PO.
  • Zero-dollar lines should be removed prior to approving an invoice.  
  • Negative dollar line amounts are ONLY allowable on credit memos. All discounts, etc. that show as a negative amount on an invoice should be factored out of the line-item price. (i.e., A $200 discount on a line item of $1500 should be corrected to reflect a line item of $1300.) 
  • Always verify that the invoice amounts are correct before submitting or approving an invoice.  It is important to check these items: 
    • Supplier invoice number
    • Supplier invoice date
    • Supplier remit address
    • Shipping amount
    • Taxes (correct type and amount) (if nontaxable, remove the taxable flag from the line item)
    • Line totals
    • Subtotal 
    • Total
  • Check out the  Enhanced Search Guide if you do not remember how to search. 

Change Requests 

  • Utilize the Change Request option on the PO to complete the following for non-punchout orders: 
    • Update accounting codes (can be modified for punchout orders)
    • Add/remove contract 
    • Add non-catalog item 
    • Edit quantity of the original item 
    • Click line description to modify quantity & unit price
    • Edit tax qualification of new items 
    • Add internal/external notes at line level 
    • Add comment and/or attachment to document the reason for the change request
  • Contact  for training and access to the change request. 

Data Warehouse Reports   

  • The data warehouse has queries available such as PO budget check errors and Voucher errors. 
  • If you have a voucher budget check error and a correction is necessary to clear the error email  with the voucher # and specific guidance on changes required.


  • Declined Transactions 
    • Liaisons can check to see why the card is being declined by going to the homepage > search for cardholder name and last 4 digits > click on last 4 digits > select “view auth log”. This will open a screen where you can see all pending transactions and the reason for the decline.
  • Amazon invitations will be delayed until after FYE. 
  • PCards are chip and pin cards meaning PIN #'s are required for purchases made in brick and mortar stores. If you need to retrieve your PIN# send an email to Lynn Crawford asking for instructions.
  • Charges with a purchase date on or before June 30, 2021, will be posted in the Fiscal Year 2020-21
  • Charges for goods and services received after June 30, 2021, should be charged to FY 2021-2022.

Other Fiscal Year End Information and Schedules  

Contact Procurement