Procurement Policies and Procedures



The approval of an invoice constitutes certification of the following:

  1. The merchandise or service covered by the invoice has been received in acceptable condition and in conformity with specifications.
  2. The bill to address on the invoice must be in the name of Clemson University and should include the department name, department address.  Example:  Clemson University / Dept of Education / 101 Tillman Hall / Clemson , SC 29634-1234 .
  3. In most cases, supllier invoices, agree withthe purchase order terms and conditions and do not exceed the original PO amount.
  4. The invoice is an original invoice or electroinc and the merchandise has not been paid for previously. The University does not pay from statements.
  5. The price is fair and reasonable.
  6. There is adequate documentation* to support the transaction.
  7. The extensions and totals on the invoice are correct.
  8. The chartfield string(s) to be charged are proper within State and University guidelines and funds are available for payment of the merchandise.

    *Adequate Documentation is defined as:
    a. Original or electronic invoice to correct department and campus address
    b. PO#, if applicable, is included on vendor invoice (may be handwritten if not included)
    c. Two (2) separate authorized signatures maintained by department either on invoice/receipt or a pre-approval purchase form (one of these is the department head’s, or designee’s, signature approving the purchase and the second is the acknowledgement that the goods or services have been received).

update March 2012