Procurement Policies and Procedures



In order to claim the Federal excise tax exemption, an exemption certificate must be on file with the vendor and the certificate must be renewed at least every three years. Some vendors will request an updated certificate annually. Please look closely at invoices for the following purchases which are exempt from Federal excise tax:

  • Fuels
    • Gasoline
    • Aviation fuel
    • Aviation jet fuel
    • Diesel
    • Benzyl, benzene, naphtha, casing head, natural gas
    • Liquid petroleum
    • Compressed natural gas
  • Telephone – Charges on phone bills
    • Some communication vendors allow Clemson University to use the exemption certificate designed by us, but others require that their specific form be used.

For further information or assistance, please contact Ree Cooley ( 656-5603 in Accounting Services.

updated April 2012