Procurement Policies and Procedures



Clemson can pay expenses for approved visitors, guests and recruits directly to a hotel or motel provided a representative of Clemson makes reservations for their accommodations. If total lodging for an event exceeds $2500, a purchase order must be issued. Documentation for the expense should include an invoice listing the daily-itemized room rates and taxes applicable. If there is more than one person involved, each individual should be listed on the invoice and identified as a visitor, guest or recruit. The visitor, guest or recruit may pay for his or her own hotel and present the invoice for reimbursement.

All daily meal expenses are subject to the in-state meal rates applicable to Clemson employees. Dates and times of arrival and departure should be on the voucher. If meal costs exceed the limitations stated above, the excess should be paid from self-generated funds if program related or directly with Foundation Funds. Charges for movies, bar bills, laundry, room service, safe deposit, etc. are the responsibility of the individual and are not allowed. This is not an all-inclusive list.

Account 7039 should be used for travel reimbursements for non-employee or non-student, such as speakers, consultants, guests or recruits.

Account 7341 should be used for business meals with outside guests where business discussions are held, such as recruiting or job interviews.

Account 7004 should be used if paying the visitor or guest for any services.