Procurement Policies and Procedures



Payment for expenditures should be made within thirty (30) workdays from the receipt of the goods and/or services.

Any late charges submitted by a vendor on an invoice should be deleted. However, every courtesy should be extended to the vendor in resolving any misunderstandings.

If the agency determines a late payment charge is owed the vendor, a voucher should be submitted for payment. This charge should not exceed 6.25% per annum (.000171232% per day). The expenditure account code 7309 – Late Payment Charges would be used to pay the charge.

Exemption to this policy: Invoices submitted for gas, electricity, telephone, water and sewer services provided by public utilities subject to rate regulation by the Public Service Commission are exempt from late payment charges as outlined here. These entities are allowed to charge late fees as approved by the Commission and Clemson is responsible for paying those as fees as invoiced.

updated July 2022