Procurement Policies and Procedures



State agencies and institutions are prohibited from paying or reimbursing professional dues payments for individuals to the American Bar Association.

Memberships, dues and related expenses for civic, University, professional or other organizations must relate specifically to the job or function of the individual. Individual memberships are allowed only when the organization does not permit agency memberships or it is less costly to the University to have an individual membership.

Memberships and dues should generally be charged to account 7026 or 7027. Any personal use of such clubs, even though the University pays the dues, should be paid with personal funds.

Departments should review membership options before submitting a voucher. Often the membership rates for firms or groups are less than individual memberships.

Review courses and seminars to prepare employees for licenses and examinations are allowed. However, professional license and examination fees will not be paid. No payment will be allowed for professional licenses or dues required by state regulatory agencies.