Procurement Policies and Procedures

Information Technologies

All requisitions for information technology items will be forwarded to the information technology procurement manager through normal channels. Information technology refers to data processing, telecommunications, and office systems technologies and services as described below:

  • Data Processing. The automated collection, storage, manipulation and retrieval of data including: central processing units for micro, mini and mainframe computers; related peripheral equipment such as terminals, document scanners, word processors, intelligent copiers, offline memory storage and printing systems, data transmission equipment; and related software such as operating systems, library and maintenance routines and applications programs.
  • Telecommunications. Voice, data, message and video transmissions, and includes the transmission and switching facilities of public telecommunications systems, as well as operating and network software. 
  • Office Systems Technology. Office equipment such as typewriters, duplicating and photocopy machines, paper forms and records; microfilm and microfiche equipment and printing equipment and services.
  • Services. The providing of consultant assistance for any aspect of information technology, systems, and networks.

The information technology procurement manager is responsible for compiling and filing and Information Technology Plan annually with the Division of Information Technology Planning Management.

Procurements of $50,000 or more require prior approval of the Division of Information Technology Planning Management unless the procurement is listed on the University’s current IT Plan or is otherwise exempt. Procurements less than $50,000 and non-exempt commodities will be processed as required by the Code. Purchases in excess of $1,000,000 are forwarded to the Information Technology Management Office using the State Requisition form. Sole source and emergency procurements are awarded by Procurement Services in accordance with State and University guidelines.