Procurement Policies and Procedures

Minority Business Enterprise

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Clemson University believes that part of its mission to the state and the country is to assist all segments of society in their economic growth and intellectual development. A part of the University's commitment to assist all members of our society is the development and maintenance of a strong Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) which attempts to assist individu­als who, because of previous economic and social disad­vantages have not been participating fully in the business of the University.

This policy insures that all businesses owned and operated by minorities are given an opportunity to be involved in the procurement process. As in other areas of public service and social advancement, Clemson University now takes a leadership role in putting into effect the below stated procedures which will insure equal access in the awarding of contracts and subcon­tracts to minority business firms. These procedures will strengthen the State, the University, and Nation by broadening the advantages of our society through the enhancement of minority capital ownership. Adding capital to previously disadvantaged groups will bring them into the mainstream of the business world and ultimate­ly to the support of our state and country.