Procurement Policies and Procedures

Surplus Property / Disposition of Goods

University moveable equipment, supplies, etc., which a department determines to be obsolete, outmoded, or no longer usable shall be declared surplus and disposed of by Procurement Services in accordance with the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code.

Any department desiring to declare University property in its custody as surplus must submit a Declaration of Surplus Property Form (Exhibit 18) to Procurement Services. Procurement Services will return a copy of the original signed by the Director of Procurement Services to the originating department. The department should retain this as documentation to support the deletion of items from the moveable equipment inventory.

Procurement Services will, when feasible, determine if the property can be used elsewhere in the University. If so, the property will be transferred to another department. If the property cannot be used elsewhere in the University, it will be declared surplus and disposed of by Surplus Property in the most advantageous method for the University in conformity with State policies. The methods available for disposition of University surplus property are:

  • Auction, publicly advertised and held.
  • Sale under sealed bids, publicly advertised and held.
  • Trade-in under terms and conditions whereby the University replaces the surplus property (Exhibit 19).
  • Transfer to other SC agencies or sale to eligible political subdivisions of the State or other government entities, such as non-profit volunteer fire, police, and rescue organizations operating for a public purpose and eligible, non-profit corporations whose activities are related to health and/or education.
  • Negotiated contract for sale but only for those types of property that become surplus on a recurring basis, such as livestock or marketable waste products, but not including vehicles. Disposable of this property will be made in the most economically feasible, fiscally sound, and administratively practicable method for the University.
  • Sold to a scrap contractor.
  • Take to landfill.

All sales of surplus University motor vehicles will be conducted by the Materials Management Office of the State of South Carolina, and all arrangements pertaining to these sales will be coordinated through that department in accordance with State policies.

University surplus property, which is determined to be totally obsolete with no apparent salvage value, is exempt from the foregoing procedures and may be disposed of by Procurement Services in the manner most advantageous for the University. However, no such non-salvageable property may be disposed of to State or University employees except by bid at public auction.