Procurement Policies and Procedures

Unauthorized Procurement

An unauthorized procurement is an act obligating Clemson University in a contract by any person not authorized to do so in accordance with Clemson University procurement policies and procedures.

In accordance with the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code Section 11-35-540 and Procurement Regulation 19-445.2015, an unauthorized procurement must be ratified by the agency head before a purchase order can be issued and payment made. The department in violation uses buyWays to enter a requisition and detailed explanation to the Director of Procurement stating the facts and circumstances surrounding the act. The Director of Procurement prepares a detailed explanation stating the corrective action being taken to prevent reoccurrence as well as the action to be taken against the individual responsible for the unauthorized procurement, documents that the price is fair and reasonable, and routes it through appropriate channels to the President of the University for approval. Once the president has reviewed and ratified this unauthorized procurement, the PO is created that is then filed in buyWays for record, against which a payment can be processed to the vendor.

In accordance with the Procurement Code, the following outlines actions that will be taken against the individual committing the act:

  • First Offense – the individual, along with their supervisor, will be counseled by the Procurement Office regarding the established procurement policies and procedures, and be notified that further violations will result in further actions
  • Second Offense – the individual will receive a written letter of reprimand
  • Third Offense – the individual will lose all authority to make purchases as an employee of the University
 Should the situation dictate, either of the first two actions may be skipped, and/or further legal actions may take place.