Procurement Policies and Procedures

Change Order

Related Procedure

Change orders are used to make specific changes to purchase orders.  Change Orders will be processed for purchase order cancellations and purchase order closings.  The process will be initiated by filling out the change order form in BuyWays.  The form will then be routed to Procurement for processing.  The change will be done in BuyWays and Peoplesoft in order to change or delete remaining purchase order encumbrances.  Changes requiring additional funding to an existing purchase order should be handled with a new purchase order to the vendor for additional amounts.  If adding funding to an existing sole source purchase order, the new order must be entered using a sole source form regardless of dollar value.

  • Purchase Order Cancellations or Line Cancellations - to be done when department no longer wishes to receive the goods or services listed on the purchase order. The vendor will receive the revised purchase order.
  • Purchase Order Closings - to be done when all goods or services listed on the purchase order are received or complete.