Procurement Policies and Procedures

Documentation Requirements

Pursuant to Records Management Document Retention requirements, procurement records are required to be maintained for seven years.  If using buyWays, the system meets University requires for document retention to include actual purchase requisitions/orders, invoices, receipts, approvals, solicitation documentation, written determinations, internal notes/references, and all other attached procurement related documentation.  Detailed approval history and electronic invoices are already maintained automatically by the system and no other documentation is required to be maintained to meet document retention requirements.  Departments will not maintain duplicate files of procurement related documentation already captured in buyWays.  During audits or FOIA requests, any references or questions regarding electronic invoices will be directed to Procurement Services; no information is required to be maintained at the college/department level in terms of paper copies or other details on these electronic invoices

If not using buyWays, or not attaching required documentation (i.e. invoices) to the procurement in buyWays, end users are required to physically maintain all documentation related to a specific procurement and adhere to document retention schedules.