Procurement Policies and Procedures

Rounding for Payable Invoices

Rounding for Payable Invoices

Effective: 01/01/2011


Explain Rounding when Line and/or Distribution Amounts are split on an uneven amount


When line items are split between chartfields, rounding of pennies may occur based on the prorated amounts per line/per distribution. CUBS processing adds/subtracts the difference to the last distribution of each line item in order to balance the totals (i.e. distributions may be reduced by fractions of a cent with the exception of the last distribution which may increase/or decrease by a fraction of a cent).

FYI - the rounding takes place first, then the difference is applied to the last distribution.


Unit Voucher Gross Amt to Pay Split % Line Distrib Line # Calculated Amount Rounding Amount
CU 3194273 40.17 0.5 1 1 20.085 20.09
CU 3194273 40.17 0.5 1 2 20.085 20.08