Procurement Policies and Procedures

Policy/Procedure for Receiving a Donated Vehicle

  1. Department accepting a vehicle must first submit a vehicle request form in buyWays.  Select supplier as unknown; enter a 0 in the contract number.  Attach to the buyWays requisition the following:

    1. A letter from the company that is donating the vehicle stating the make, model, year and the VIN number of the vehicle that is being donated. This will need to be on the Companies letterhead and it needs to state that the vehicle is being donated to Clemson University, then name the specific department being donated to and the purpose of the donation.
    2. A justification letter will need to be added to the requisition as to why your department is in need for this vehicle and what it will be used for. (This will need to be on department letterhead and signed by the department head).
    3. Include as part of the justification whether or not the vehicle is going to need a tag or not (i.e. is solely for research and will not be driven – then a tag is not needed).
    4. The State Fleet Management Form SASS-007A (formerly Form 6-77) will need to be filled out (fill in what you can and the Clemson Fleet Manager will assist with completing the form when the requisition is routed through buyWays).

  2. Once the requisition routes to the Clemson Fleet Manager, the department will be provided specific instructions for going to the DMV to transfer the title to the University.  Note, it will be the department’s responsibility to go to the local DMV to transfer the title to Clemson University – not to a specific department or division.  The department will need the title signed over from the donor along with a completed DMV Form 400.  When filling out this form, the FEIN for Clemson is 57-6000254 and primary address is 100 Perimeter Rd. Clemson, SC 29633.

  3. The title in the name of the University will then be mailed to the Clemson Fleet Manager at Transportation Services-Motor Pool attention Shelly Hackett, she will then complete the transaction by sending the completed SASS-007A Form, PO and title signed over to the State of South Carolina at 1430 Senate Street, 3 rd floor Columbia, SC 29201 to the State Fleet Manager for approval.  Once approved by State Fleet, a tag will be provided (if requested) for the vehicle.