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Procurement Services

How to Buy/Pay

The following table summarizes purchasing methods for various routine purchases at Clemson. This matrix applies for all State and Grant Funds (Funds 10-23); for other Fund sources, please review the Disbursement Grid. When purchasing with other Fund sources, Direct Payment Vouchers are the preferred method, followed by personal reimbursement when absolutely necessary.

In the table below, when both buyWays PO and P-Card are indicated, refer to this Decision Tree to decide specifically which method should be used in a particular instance.

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Type of Goods or Services A-I
Exempt from Net 30 Payment Terms buyWays PO P-Card Direct Pay via buyWays Reimbursement/Concur
Academic Speakers / Honorariums  
Advertisements (newspapers, magazines, journals, radio, tv, etc.)
Airline Tickets (use Air Fare Card via Concur)
Architects and Engineers
Audio — Visual   
Break Room Supplies / Meeting Supplies
Building Maintenance — Campus Buildings Contact Facilities
Bus, Charter Services
Business Cards / Stationery
Car Rental    √
Carpet / Flooring      
Catering / Food  Also Small Catering Engagements
Cell Phones   √ 
Clemson University Student Organizations    
Construction Services and Building Alterations  
Consulting Services
Copiers and Multi-Functional Devices
Conference/Meeting Registration
Conference Facilities    
Customs Brokerage
Damage Payments    
Donated Vehicles
Employee Search Services    
Entertainment (Speakers, lecturers, musicians, performing artists) √   
Environmental Remediation Services    
Equipment Maintenance and Repair    
Equipment Rental  
External Auditors Contact Office of Internal Audit
Flooring / Carpet
Food / Catering
Grocery Store Charge Accounts
Guest Travel Reimbursement
Hardware — Computer    
Honorariums  √ √ 
Incentive Cards    
Independent Contractors  
Ink/Toner/MPS Contact Print Smart
International Visitor   √ 
Type of Goods or Services J-Z
Exempt from Net 30 Payment Terms buyWays PO P-card Direct Pay via buyWays Reimbursement
Janitorial Services     
Janitorial Supplies    
Laboratory Supplies and Equipment    
Legal Services Contact Clemson University General Counsel
Licenses and Fees for Computer Software    
Lodging: Student Travel    
Lodging: Employee Travel      √
Mailing Services
Managed Print Services (Ink/Toner/MPS) Contact Print Smart
Marketing and Communications Services
Meals — official guests, visitors, students, or job candidates      
Mechanical Turk
Medical Services    
Medical/Pharmaceutical Supplies    
Memberships of Employees to Organizations if Benefits the Univ and Univ Membership is Unavailable  
Moving Expenses      
Name Badges (See Punchout in buyWays)
Office Supplies and Paper     
Paint, Labor and Supplies    
Performances, Performers, Artists (Speakers, lecturers, musicians, performing artists)    
Pest Control    
Postal Services
Printing Services   
Promotional Items  
Registration Fees  
Rental or Lease of Personal or Real Property    √  
Repairs — Equipment    
Scientific Supplies and Equipment
Security Services including Security Guards and Alarms      
Shipping — FedEx, UPS, Express      
Stationery / Business Cards     
Temporary Staff     
Toner/Ink/MPS Contact Print Smart
Train Ticket    
Training and Course Tuition  √
Travel — Employee (airfare allowable on Air Fare Card in Concur)      
Travel — Student    √  
Vehicles / Trailers  
Visitor Travel Reimbursement
Wireless Devices