Supplier Information

Important Notice: Acceptance of an order from Clemson University constitutes acceptance of all the terms and conditions associated with the type of order. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Current Clemson University Purchasing Terms and Conditions can be found on this website.

Fraud Alert - Procurement and Business Services has been notified of fraudulent emails being sent to suppliers replying to a price request. Please be aware that legitimate requests for quotes would be sent directly from our online bidding system or from one of our contract officers. If you receive any inquiries or communication from someone not using a email, simply disregard no need to follow up or confirm with us. You can confirm our email addresses on our contact page as many scams use an address similar to but not our actual email.

  • About PBS

    Procurement and Business Services (PBS) is committed to supporting the mission and goals of Clemson University by managing the effective and efficient procurement of quality products and services at the best value from reputable suppliers.  We will achieve this through outstanding customer service, first-rate supply chain management, and ongoing streamlining of processes, while at all times maintaining unyielding integrity and adherence to the South Carolina State Procurement Code and Clemson University Fiscal Policy and Procedures.

    The State's standard bidding instructions require that each offeror certify that it has and will comply with, and has not, and will not, induce a person to violate the ethics laws appearing in Title 8, Chapter 13 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. To access a complete copy of South Carolina's ethics statutes, click here.

  • Doing Business With Clemson

    Our vision is to revolutionize the way people conduct business at Clemson.  We strive to provide a top-quality experience to each client whenever they need to conduct business at Clemson, by providing easy to use system and processes, while dispensing intelligent and accurate answers and easy-to-follow instructions to get business done.

    No Purchase Order, No Pay  (“No PO, No Pay”)  

    Prospective Suppliers

    Current Suppliers

      • Active suppliers will receive an invitation to update their existing registration profile.
      • Utilize the supplier portal to look up purchase orders, submit invoices, and review payments.
      • Accounts Payables utilizes electronic payment methods as the default method of payment for anyone doing business with Clemson University.

    International Suppliers

    • International suppliers have a separate approval requirements dependent on the Visa type, reason for payment and location that service/activity will be performed.
    • Homeland Security (IRS, U.S. Immigration, and Department of Treasury) dictates taxation rules, treaty eligibility, and work authorizations that we must abide by when paying foreign individuals/entities.
    • All international suppliers will be paid via wire transfer. Wire information will be collected at the time of registration. International suppliers should have the appropriate tax documentation current and readily available:
      • Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding
      • W-8BEN-E, Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding (Entity) 
      • Form W-8ECI, Certificate of Foreign Person's Claim That Income Is Effectively Connected With the Conduct of a Trade or Business in the United States
      • Form W-8EXP, Certificate of Foreign Government or Other Foreign Organization for United States Tax Withholding
      • Form W-8IMY, Certificate of Foreign Intermediary, Foreign Flow-Through Entity, or Certain U.S. Branches for United States Tax Withholding

     For questions or concerns in regard to an International Supplier, please contact Pablo Unda


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  • Small Catering Engagements
  • Bidding

    Clemson University’s bidder registration system (IONWAVE) is an open registration system and is utilized to allow potential and current suppliers to view and submit bids for current bid opportunities. 

    • Click here to register as a bidder
    • Click here to view current bid opportunities
    • Click here to view awarded bids
  • Supplier Registration Screenshots and Examples
  • Payment Terms

    Payment Terms will be Net 30 for all suppliers unless they indicate that would like to receive an accelerated payment as offered in the registration. An accelerated payment means that Clemson will deduct a percentage of the total invoice amount if payment is made within the terms selected.

    In accordance with the University’s “No PO, No Pay” policy, any invoices received from a supplier that do not clearly state a valid Purchase Order provided by the University will be rejected and returned to the supplier. The only exceptions to this relate to good and services can be found on the Direct Expenditure list.

    Payment Methods

    Our electronic payment methods include layers of security which translates to less risk for Clemson University and the supplier.  Electronic payments enable our suppliers to receive their payments faster than checks and includes multiple layers of security.

  • Policies

    Procurement Policy

    Clemson University is a State Agency of South Carolina and is subject to make purchases in accordance with the South Carolina Procurement Code.  Review the information below to address any specific questions you might have about the procurement process at Clemson.

    Terms and Conditions

    Clemson’s terms and conditions apply to all solicitations and procurements made by Clemson University. Any Supplier (also referred to as Contractor) terms and conditions included with Contractor’s invoice or any other document provided by Contractor shall be of no effect. Instructions and terms specific to an individual solicitation will also apply and are considered in addition to these standard terms. In case of conflict between terms of a specific solicitation and this document, the terms of the specific solicitation take precedence.  For more information on terms and conditions, click here.

    Capital Projects

    Clemson’s capital projects are managed by University Facilities Capitals Projects.

      • For more information on Capital Projects, click here.
      • For current Capital Projects, click here.
  • Helpful Tips for Suppliers

    All suppliers must comply with university parking regulations. Suppliers, Service Contractors and Construction Workers must obtain a visitors permit at the Parking Services Office prior to attending a scheduled pre-bid meeting or a required site visit for bidding purposes.

    Clemson University is not tax exempt.

    Suppliers that are new to Clemson will be required to register before receiving any orders.

    Only suppliers who are invited to register will be able to complete the registration process.

    Suppliers who are not e-invoice suppliers should send invoices directly to

    Payments will be made from invoices only.  Statements, receipts, quotes, etc. will not be accepted to process payment from.

    Proper invoices should contain at a minimum the following information:

      • Clemson University Purchase Order #
      • Supplier Name
      • Invoice Date
      • Description of the goods or services purchased, unit price, extended price

    To see payment status of an invoice submitted within the past 90 days click here

      • You will need the company TIN or invoice number to look up payment information
      • If an invoice is not found, contact the initiating department.