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  • lorid

    Lori Dickes

    212 Vickery Hall 
    Clemson, SC 29631

  • carlos

    Carlos Garcia 

    Faculty Fellow, Best Practices in Faculty Reviews

    212 Vickery Hall 
    Clemson, SC 29631

  • kennedy

    Marian Kennedy 

    Faculty Fellow, Mid-Career Faculty Mentoring

    212 Vickery Hall 
    Clemson, SC 29631

  • Paige Thomsen

    Paige Thomsen

    Office Coordinator
    212 Vickery Hall 
    Clemson, SC 29634

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212 Vickery Hall 
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Lori Dickes, Ph.D.

Dr. Lori A. Dickes has over 20 years of experience in higher education and has been a faculty member at Clemson since 2013. With a PhD in Policy, her research leverages specific training in economics and policy analysis to better understand rural and regional development across different geographies and in different contexts. Dr. Dickes’ research has focused on a range of specific issues impacting the ability of communities to be economically and socially sustainable, including issues of rural entrepreneurship, economic development, opioid policy and interventions and natural resource policy. Dr. Dickes is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and since 2013 has been the Masters in Public Administration (MPA) program coordinator. Most recently, she has been the Associate Department Chair and the Graduate Programs Coordinator. Dr. Dickes is also committed to a wide range of service activities to the institution and profession. As examples, she has been the Clemson University Chair on the Commission on Women, the co-lead of the Provost’s Taskforce on Caregiving during COVID, a participant in the Clemson ACC- Leader’s network and others. Dr. Dickes was a recipient of the 2022 University Ralph D. Elliott Award for Outstanding Service to Off-Campus, Distance and Continuing Education and the 2021- Clemson University Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring Award. Through her administrative, teaching and research work, she seeks to provide leadership and support to create innovative and transformative organizations that help sustain institutions and communities.


Carlos Garcia, Ph.D. 

Dr. Carlos D Garcia is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry. He holds a B.S. in Biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. He performed postdoctoral studies at MSU and CSU, and joined Clemson University in 2015 after a successful tenure at UT San Antonio. Dr. Garcia's research is dedicated to advance the understanding and applicability of microfluidic devices, nanomaterials, and electrochemical processes. His group is focused on the development of integrated analytical approaches that span from highly specialized instrumentation to simple paper-based devices. Applications of these projects include the quantification of biomedically-relevant analytes, the design of biocatalysts, and the implementation of artificial intelligence to address analytical problems. He has supervised numerous graduate and undergraduate students, and the outcomes of their research have been presented and published in over 100 peer-reviewed publications. His research has received funding from prestigious organizations, including the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. In 2018, he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Currently, he serves as an editor for Electrophoresis (Wiley) as well as Sensors and Diagnostics (RSC). More information about Dr. Garcia can be found in this site (

Marian Kennedy, Ph.D. 

Dr. Marian Kennedy is an associate professor within the Clemson Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Clemson.  Her research group focuses on understanding how solid materials respond to mechanical normal and sliding loads.  As a team, they work to understand how the structure of these metals (such as the arrangement of and bonding between atoms) influences the material’s performance and disseminate their findings to their larger community through co-authored journal publications and at conferences.  Over time, Dr. Kennedy has also produced scholarship related to early career formation.  She has initiated and collaborated on projects related to discipline specific self-efficacy, research identity, influence of undergraduate research program participation, and instructor/teacher professional development.   More about Prof. Kennedy can be found on her website:

She jumped at the opportunity to join this team and contribute to supporting faculty reach their professional goals, particularly for those in midcareer.  While she loves the impact her career choice allows her to make in the lives of early career researchers and engineers, she is keenly aware of the sacrifice it can take to balance professional workload and life.   She is excited to help other midcareer faculty by implementing evidence-based programming for faculty and administrators. 

Paige Thomsen

Paige Thomsen is the Office Coordinator for the Clemson University Faculty ADVANCEment Office. She coordinates activities and events supporting the Office programming and manages office operations. Previously, she worked as a grant program coordinator for two Clemson University National Science Foundation (NSF) grants: TIGERS Advance Program and the National Research Traineeship (NRT) for Resilient Infrastructure and Environmental Systems Graduate Program.

Paige received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Environmental Science and Forestry in 2015 and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning at Clemson University. Paige received the 2021 ‘Outstanding Women’ award for Staff presented by the Clemson University Commission on Women. Paige also participated in the Provost’s Caregiver Task Force, coordinated and assisted the Women’s Commission with Women’s Celebration Month, and was the President of her graduate program’s student organization from 2021-2022.

  • Advisory Committee

    Advisory Committee Members

     Dave Blakesley- Professor and Campbell Chair in Technical Communication; Interim Director RCID, Department of English, CAAH

    Tessa Byer- University Ombuds, Office of Human Resources

    Angela Carter- Associate Professor, Master of Human Resource Development Program, College of Education 

    Natasha Croom- Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Graduate School

    Karon Donald- Council for Diversity and Inclusion, Program Manager, Diversity of Inclusive and Equity

    Tia Dumas- Associate Vice President for Strategic Alliances  

    Karen High- Professor, Department of Engineering & Science Education, CECAS

    Pat Marcondes- Senior Lecturer, Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences

    Corliss Outley- Professor, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, CBSHS