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Joint City University Advisory Board

Joint City University Advisory Board

About the JCUAB

The Joint City University Advisory Board was created in 1985 for the purpose of improving the quality of life for those in the Clemson community. It is the expressed desire of both Clemson University and the City of Clemson to build on the positive relationship historically present between the two parties. In 2019, the growth and change in the area prompted a restructuring of the board to include established work groups to allow the board to continue to be effective in its mission.

The JCUAB shall be the official body of representatives responsible for:

  • strengthening the relationship between the City of Clemson and Clemson University
  • strengthening relationships for the Clemson area and University communities
  • initiating solutions in implementing partnership initiatives
  • preparing an annual budget with expenses shared equally between the City of Clemson and Clemson University



Community Missions

The JCUAB is an advisory board. Its mission shall be to identify issues of mutual concern while maintaining open and transparent communications with all relevant parties and departments within both the City and the University. The issues typically involve but are not limited to:

  • Planning and land use
  • Student housing
  • Growth in enrollment and its impact on the community at large
  • Area transportation and parking
  • Security and public safety
  • Public works and utilities
  • Fiscal responsibility and impact

Collaborative Approach

Once identified and agreed upon by the JCUAB and in consultation with the University president and City mayor, the issues shall be researched jointly with any proposed solutions presented to the respective governing or administrative officials. The consideration of any proposed solution will always be in the context of mutual benefit. Proposed solutions are not binding on either party but must be approved separately as appropriate.

The JCUAB exists to create the highest degree of collaboration between the City of Clemson and Clemson University. This will always involve open, honest and cooperative communications between all parties. The JCUAB shall always be an organization striving to support each other in our individual and mutual goals and objectives.

JCUAB Workgroups, 2023-24

Economic Development
Name Affiliation
Bryan Lee, Chair Clemson Chamber of Commerce
Brittany Chapman Business Owner
Kryssa Cooper Clemson University
Tia Dumas Clemson University
Robert Halfacre City of Clemson
Phil Landreth Clemson University
Lindsey Newton City of Clemson
Gigi Williamson Graduate Student Representative
Doug Zirbel Business Owner


Name Affiliation
Nathan Woods, Chair City of Clemson
Leasa Evinger Clemson University
Allison Gantte City of Clemson
Pete Knudsen Clemson University
David Kuskowski Clemson University
Jacob Peabody City of Clemson
Alesia Smith Clemson University/City of Clemson
Gary Wiser Clemson University


Public Safety
Name Affiliation
Sarah Custer, Chair Clemson University
Jorge Campos City of Clemson
Rick Cramer Clemson University
John Ducworth City of Clemson
Nate Heard City of Clemson
Greg Mullen Clemson University
Nikki Munn City of Clemson


Public Works
Name Affiliation
Nathan Hinkle, Chair City of Clemson
Todd Barnette Clemson University
Pete Knudsen Clemson University
Cody Lingefelt City of Clemson
Catherine Watt City of Clemson


Name Affiliation
Dan Hofmann, Chair Clemson University
Sammy Grant City of Clemson
Kathy Bush Hobgood Clemson University
Kat Moreland Clemson University
Wayne Sarasua Clemson University
Laura Smith City of Clemson


Humanities, Arts, Recreation
Name Affiliation
Vacant, Chair
Angela Agard City of Clemson
Jay Bennett City of Clemson
Bob Brookover Clemson University/City of Clemson
Chad Carson Green Crescent Trail Rep
Chris Cox Clemson University
Joan Phillips City of Clemson
Dave Vandeventer Clemson University
Denise Woodward-Detrich Clemson University
Kyle Young Clemson University


Name Affiliation
Sarah Wickham, Chair City of Clemson
Lowell Arwood City of Clemson
John Fulmer City of Clemson
Joe Galbraith Clemson University
Vicki Perry Clemson University
Philip Sikes Clemson University
Division of Student Affairs
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